First grow ... nearly there!! (pics)

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    :hello: :wave:

    Hi GC!! I'm a first time grower but i've been looking at this forum for the past 4 or 5 months, infact most of my growing info has come from this site .... here is whats going (or growing) on ...

    3 Afghan Kush (W.O.S.), 1 Ice Kush (Advanced), all from Dr Chronics,
    Vegged with a blue 250w CFL (not equivalent, actual) for about 6 weeks,
    DRS100 Grow Tent for flowering,
    600w Maxibright Ballast and Grolux Dual Spectrum Bulb,
    5" Ruck Fan with Rhino Pro Filter (should of got the 6" version because temps. get a little high),
    6" oscillating fan,
    3 Gallon pots for flowering (will go for 5 gallon on next grow),
    Canna Professional Plus Soil Mix (might try Coco/Coir next grow) with some Bat Guano thrown in for good measure (about 5 parts Canna to 1 part Bat),
    Canna Terra Vega (for Veg, duh!),
    Hesi Soil Bloom, Phosphorus Plus and Supervit (for flower),
    Unsulphered Molasses, about 1 tablespoon per 4 litres of water,
    PH down, PH up, as required,
    Epsom Salts, every now and again, 1 Teaspoon per 2 litres, seemed to do the trick (I had a magnesium def.),
    Temps about 30c/86f lights on (a bit high, but like I said, I should of got the 6" Ruck Fan). lights off about 23c/73f,
    Im using passive intake at the moment but will get another inline fan for next grow,


    How about some pics! ..... week 8 of flower ....

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  2. what do you think? Have I done ok for a first timer? I'm hoping for 10oz, but I think it will be close
  3. :hello::hello:Are you serious.They look fantastic for a 2nd or 3rd grow.Nice setup.Keep us posted at harvest.
  4. siiiiiick! hahaha I'm looking into a 400 w ballast, the pricing on the one you have looks really competitive....85 bucks! how do you like it?

  5. Thanks, had a problem today though ... BUD ROT arghhhh!!

  6. Yeah I like the ballast, shame it doesnt have a dim feature but its not a problem, ballast take HPS and MH lamps so thats a plus
  7. So .... I was a bit worried about 1 of the Afghan Kush last night and decided to have a dig about and see what was going on ..... turns out it was bud rot and I had to chop off the main Cola, hopefully I've saved it ..... then I thought I had better check the rest of them and found another one with early bud rot, so chopped that one as well, again hopefully ive saved it

    to say I am gutted is an understatement, Ive just finished week 8 of flower today and they should of been nearly done, like I said hopefully ive saved them, but ive lost a hell of a lot of bud, maybe a couple of ounces :(
  8. another check on my one and only Ice Kush has resulted in me chopping the Cola off that one aswell, fucking bud rot is everywhere, im worried
  9. i would cut them down now b4 it spreads any more bro
  10. yeah thats what im thinking, will probably do it in the morning before lights on, at least one of them looks completely un-infected and should be ok for a few more days, luckily its the one thats looking nearly done .... over 3 months work done the shitter, oh well, live and learn
  11. if u are getting bud rot it is becuase u dont have enough ventilation, and hummidity is building up, get some more exauhst asap
  12. jesus. !

    Looks amazing to me man, keep it up.

  13. yeah humidity was getting a little high due to cold weather so I got a heater to get the RH down a bit, looks like I was too late though.
    Ive opened the tent door and have a big oscillating fan blowing in there now, i'll check them again in the morning and go from there, gonna go and have a drink now and maybe a little cry :mad:

  14. Thanks man, shame about the rot, they were looking awesome

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