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  1. Here is some pics of some of my ladies. Some group shots, close-ups, and a few solo shots of the early finisher that is almost ready for harvest.

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  2. looks awesome brother! I'm a first timer as well let me know what u think of mine on day 19 now since it's 2am lol
  3. Link to pics????
  4. my grow is in the link on my sig on post.
  5. I'm using Mobile signatures shown
  6. Beautiful plants! Good work. I'm not sure your bottom plant is that close to finishing. Of course you can see the actual plant and trichomes. Don't make the mistake of chopping too early. I find seedbanks tend to grossly underestimate the time needed for flowering to finish. I wish you a bountiful harvest.
  7. Thanks SirSmokesAlotta420!! The picture is about a 2weeks old now, and I haven't chapped her yet!!! It's been a painful wait, but I'm sure it will be worth it!!
  8. Some pics of plants ready for harvest, yeilds drying, and close ups finished products

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  9. [​IMG]
    Depending on how low your humidity is I only hang for a day or 2 this time of year because it's low.. Like 11% today.. That will over dry your hung plants in just 24 hours.. I've screwed up enough drys to where it wouldn't cure to know..
    After just a day or 2 or to where the small stuff firms up I strip all the buds from the stems and bag it.. Then it's trash can or ice chest them each night and set out during the day gradually cutting down the outside exposure time over about a week to get them down to the mid 60s% humidity.. Then it's in a jar with a 62% Boveda pack for long term cure and storage..

    Drying weed is like cooking a steak.. To dry is to done.. Can't un-cook and you can't un-dry.. Below 55% it won't cure and you only get one chance to do this right..
    Just my 2 cents ..
  10. This is my pref. drying/curing methodology as well

    I dry until the stem cracks, then use Boveda 62% relative humidity 8gram packs

    You can also use a hygrometer to fine tune your humidity, but with the Boveda pack its practically unnecessary.

    Just make sure it never goes below 55

    I read somewhere that the Caliber IV cigar hygrometer is the best, and its only 20 bucks online.

  11. Thanks for the curing tips, I will give it try next harvest. Good things come to those who wait.

    "He who stands on toilet is high on pot." -Confucius

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