First grow. My girls: Pandora Nebula under 170w CFL

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  1. Hey, guys! First time grower here. I hope I'll get help in this forum if something goes wrong with the plants.

    1x Nebula II CBD (Paradise Seeds)
    1x Pandora Auto (Paradise Seeds)

    1x 85w CFL 5500lm 6400k
    1x 85w CFL 5500lm 2700k
    (the two lights combined, veg and flower)

    2x 3 gal. self-made containers (not ready yet)

    Potting mix from the nearby gardening shop

    Not bought yet

    The seeds've been germinating for 24 hours now. They've popped and the little roots are just about to jump out.

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  2. <span style="font-size:14px;">Best of luck, are you gonna plant the seeds straight into the 4 gal pots?</span>
  3. Hello fellow cfl grower. If you have any questions feel free to ask I'm pulling up a chair. Subbed

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  4. sweet setup buddy
  5. Any updates mate? I'm subbed

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