First Grow:Mother Plants, Any Help Is Appreciated

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by taRavage23, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all, im starting my first grow this week and i have a few basic questions, today i got a pair of 4-5 ft. tall mother plants, both shiva strains. They came in 7 gallon buckets and tomorrow im putting them into much larger vases. What's the best way to go about transferring the plants from their current pots to the new larger ones?

    My second question is how often should they be watered...the most consistent answer ive found while doing research is that they should be watered when ever the top two inches of soil are dry. Being as I live in the BAY Area where it will be between 70-80 degrees daily, with very little humidity, would that rule of thumb suffice?

    This leads to my next question, whats' the best way to go about fertilizers, i know you need to mix in it with the water and mist the plants but thats about it...Tomorrow im going to the Oaksterdam Gift shop so ill a bunch of fertilizers and such will be available, any good recommendations???

    Lastly how will i know when the plants flower? to my knowledge they are around 8 weeks old? but obviously i have very little experience, also since they're mothers i dont have to worry about them turning into males right?

    As i said earlier I will be going to a good shop for information so ill probably pick up a few books and anything else i need, ive done research on the internet but i rarely find the articles and post touch all topics of growing, thanks in advanced
  2. Transplanting is only as hard you want to make it.

    With that large a plant, get some help.
    Simply figure out how high to plant your baby in the new pot, add grow medium to allow a couple of inches for water at top. Water this new medium well. Lay your plant on it's side, have your partner hold the pot while you pull it out. Place it in center of pot and fill in with medium and water.

    Water when the medium feels dry a few inched down, or learn how heavy it feels and water when it feels light.

    Good luck!

  3. thanks for the help!

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