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  1. Hello all, I have been very educated through reading Grass City over the years. I've decided to try growing outdoors, I'm in southern Minnesota and I have some available land in very northern Minnesota-about 80 acres. I dealt with Gorilla Seeds and bought all autoflowers on account of my spot being 5 hours away from where I live and that school starts at the end of August. Not interested in making weekly trips that far away to check when the best time to harvest is. My seeds are as follows:
    10x COTC Cash Crop
    10x LSD 25
    10x COTC Crop Circle
    In addition to the autoflowers, they sent me five free photoperiod seeds, four being from Barneys Farm. They are Blue Cheese, Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Critical Kush, and a random compensation seed for the foreign transaction fee paying with credit.
    My beans should be here in the next two days as they are within 70 miles at a USPS facility. I'm excited to begin this adventure and I'm planning on planting around the beginning of June, maybe late May. I think I will plant all 30 autoflowers and maybe another two or three of the photoperiod just for shits and gigs in case I have time to make a trip or two in October. Please hit me up with some tips, I have done my research but its always nice to be a little personal!
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  2. subbed to see your grow
  3. Thanks whackyac. Beans arrived in town this morning, with any luck they'll come today. Tomorrow for sure so that makes it about a two week turn around from Gorilla. Not bad.
  4. Im in central minnesota for right now. I hate it guerrilla growing. I wish i could move back to northern minnesota so i can stop worrying about if im gona harvest or not every year:( its a risk i absolutely hate cuz i tend to treat my ladies better than myself lol. I should look into buying some land. Is it expensive here?(probably a dumb question; its mn)
  5. Good evening guys. First an update- I was at the Walker and MIA today and missed my package! Going to have to wait another day, oh well.
    MF Bloomer- I have only looked at land prices when looking for houses to rent but I couldnt find anything with a large enough plot around South Central MN. About the only land I have seen is commercial property, so it is very overpriced..not to mention right in the city. If you are looking to grow, land in the country is hard to come by, and your best bet is to think of anyone you know who has a cabin or family somewhere that would be cool with you growing, but make sure they aren't greedy. The land I will be using is owned by the family of a friend of mine. He is currently living there but will be leaving in June, he has given me the okay but obviously he will not be informing his family. My only hope is that no one will pop up out of nowhere. There is 79.xx acres though, so I should be able to find a spot to place them that isn't in the eyesight of the house if anyone was to come around.
    It is a five hour drive and I intend on making the trip every 2-3 weeks, checking the weather and making those trips around when I deem most suitable to water.
    I can't wait to lay an eye on these gems.
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  6. Man i love MIA! Sucks you missed it while there tho:(
    Damn you answered my question perfectly, buying land is outa the question; bummed. I have family near Wisconsin and would also be a good 5 hr drive for me but i bet they wouldn't care at all as they are older and not very active anymore. Ive thought about that a million times. I just need to work up the balls to ask my grandparents which sucks. Have you thought of irrigation because that was my biggest concern. I knew i wouldn't be able to go there whenever i wanted so watering would be hard and its very beneficial to the ladies.
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    An update, as always: I stopped by the post office to pick up my package and was questioned by a police officer. Kidding. Signed for the envelope. Very inconspicuous and well done. All 35 seeds were accounted for in Barney's Farm packaging. Also, instead of a Pineapple Chunk I received a Tangerine Dream. No complaints. As I said, from the time I ordered to now was about two weeks. You could still hit an order with enough time to plant.
    I'm not very concerned about irrigation. From everything I have read, a good watering about once a week will do the trick. I plan on mixing in some perlite or another watering retaining substrate. I will be checking the local weather and I will make the trip if I notice it has been a week since a storm and there will not be another for a couple days.
    I'll post pictures of the strain if people are interested.
  8. Nah keep under raps we dont wana ruin any of our chances in the future lol or all these sweet packaging ideas. I can already imagine what it looks like id be soo happy! I made seeds last year tho so im stocked to the gill on og kush n blue dream seeds, with other single seed strains im saving for the future. Im eventually gona buy some tho once i finally find a spot i can go to all the time n never worry. It sucks, ive grown for 8 yrs of my life straight and this year im struggling on a spot as mine from the last 3 years is gone/ruined from new construction in area and im kinda freaking out:( our time is coming tho jus looked up last frost last year and it was april 30th
  9. Thats what I was thinking. My brother has a collection of bag seeds so I think I'll save at least one of the photoperiods and maybe an autoflower or two in the hopes that one of his beans is a male. My friend confirmed to me that there will be a family member mowing the grass near the house every once in a while but that there is space that can't be seen. So I'm hoping, and wishing, and praying that it will work out.
    Beyong that, my biggest fear is transporting the harvest. I don't want to stick around the property after harvest so collecting and leaving will have to happen. It will be August and humidity at a maximum, I need to keep moisture down in the transport. The best thing I've seen so far would be too place the branches bud side up into 5 gallon buckets. I think I'll place some silica packets and brown bag shreddings into the buckets as well, maybe burp them once or twice if I don't think its very risky. Any thoughts?
  10. Hell ya One of my spots a couple yrs ago was farther away than usual and only could get there once a week but we had a dry spell and thank god i caught it before it croaked but it ruined the overall harvest and only got a lil less than zip. Ya harvest is the worst for gorilla growing but always the happiest part. Ive never heard of that before but probably wouldnt hurt to try it with one of em. Random thought tho my og kush plants were so bad last year that i could smell em from 50 ft. away on non-windy days and simetimes farther on windy days if in the direction of it. Needless to say i freaked out for 2 full months lol
  11. Im getting excited. I think were gona be safe to plant outside by the end of april. Do you have to start auto flowers early or they still finish quickly even from seed?
  12. I'm excited too. Mixed with some nerves because of the long drive and not being able to see them often but oh well.
    Yes, autoflowers will pretty much be done in a set time frame so I'm going to wait until the end of May for those. That way they get the peak time of summer daylight to flourish. Theres a ravine by my house and im curious to put 1 or 2 in there just to see what would happen, but theres also a path nearby so I probably wont do that.
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    Intrigued to see how the lsd-25 and the cash crop autos turn out since I'm planning on growing them outdoor myself. Good luck
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  14. I always try to put my plants near some form of water just bc its minnesota and we have really weird weather in my opinion. Also convincing myself that if near water theres extra water in the ground surrounding the form of water so if cant make it one week to water em theyd be okay w the water in the ground(i only rely on that thinking when i absolutely cant make a trip to water my ladies)
  15. Hi guys,
    I looked at that other seed they sent with me and it is GH Cheese. Looking at the seeds got me super pumped and I can't wait to plant but finals are coming up so that should take my mind off things. I have one other place in mind fairly close to me in addition to that 5 hour trek I'll have to make. I think its a good combination though because one spot is closer but more risky to be found and the other is farther away but is less risky and has great soil.
    Also, I've been thinking about some wooded off-ramps. I think it would be almost never walked along and there is enough to cover them. thoughts?
  16. MF Bloomer- do you bring some soil with you or just pop them in the ground? I might germinate the autos and them set them in their final resting place, still undecided if I will bring soil to mix in or not. do you deliver some nutrients also?
  17. Hell ya. I usually dig holes come may than if got enough money at the time i make my own soil. Its really easy and way worth it in the end but you will get by with normal bag soil. Also ive gorilla grown in spots where i didn't have time to prepare(dig holes/make soil) and surprisingly they did amazing. The soil here is pretty good but in my experience the more north you get the more clay is in the soil and thats a no go for sure, so i would just try digging a small hole and if no clay your defiantly good to go without soil. Yes i do fertilize but im on a budget every year so sometimes cant afford good ferts. I usually bring with me at the time of watering but i can see my ladys every other day usually as not as far as a drive as you will have n usually go there around 5am every couple of days to check on em. I know i shouldn't be doing this but seriously i love growing n always give them more attention than myself at times lol. I just wish i could grow indoors and never have to worry about not harvesting all year till harvest:(
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  18. Yeah i would defiantly do two spots. "Never put all your bread into one basket" gorilla growing is sketchy so something might happen at one spot than you have the other to fall back on:)
  19. Of course I'm going to wait until late May to start the autos but I've paper toweled 3 of the photo seeds: GH Cheese, Liberty Haze, and Critical Kush. In addition, I'll be growing some psilocybe cubensis in the next couple months. This summer should be interesting
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  20. Good job letting the cops know how your seeds were hidden in the discreet packaging. Post some pics too. Any others secrets you want the world to know?

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