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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jessman512, May 12, 2006.

  1. Ok so Im quite new to this forum, but have been reading for about a couples weeks. I planted some bagseed near a local creek of mine in great soil. The weather is sunny, but in Northern latitudes so its still not the warmest is ould be but enough to get started.

    My problem is that I wasn't going to grow, but i figured what the hell and went out and planted them, without knowing the best depth to place in the soil ( i didnt germinate them first). Mostly it seems a depth of .5 to 1 inch is recommended, but most mine are prolly 3 inches maybe even 4! I have one or two that are about 2 inches but the rest fall into the latter category.

    So far ive just hit them with some very light nutes in water and then more water after about 12 hours post planting.

    Its been a day now and im worries they will never pop through the soil to get any light since they are appearently so deep. Im going to be gone this weekend and returning late sunday, im thinking perhaps, just let them sit till then (3-4 days post planting) see if any sprouts occured and in those that havent, dig them up (assuming i can find the germinate) and replant at proper depth.

    Is that my best move? Sorry it was really an impulse planting and altho i have some knowledge of the latter stages i cant believe i overlooked something so simple...oh well.

    The spot is great and will actually autowater and nute my plants a bit so they should need minimal care if any.

    Experts, let me know what i should do? Dig up now and replant? In a few days once they are germinated and have sprouted under the soil? or just let nature take care and hope for the best?

    If i can save these babies i hope i can keep them going for a early oct harvest! :smoking:

    Thanks fellas! :wave:
  2. are they planted in pots or in the earth? if theyre in the earth just scrape an inch or so off the top they should still germinate and sprout although it may take longer and have a lower success rate. last week i started planting outdoors and tried sowing straight into soil with 1 seed this did not germinate where as the rest i germinated in paper towels in my safe then moved to pots. its the best way
  3. yeah its hard to start them right in the ground. Some might still pop up though, atleast its just bad seed, you can always try again.
  4. Yes they are just straight into the earth, I though it best to test how they can handle my climate naturally. Lots of rain, good sun but not really warm temps...good enough tho. About 75-85 F in the summer (now) but can get cold at night 60-65F

    Think illl just scrape some dirt off the top, sound best, altho, they are at various depths, its the easiest way to increase their chances while not messing with them too much.

    Most of the seeds are just high mids, but two are white russian, if i remember correctly, eight in total well see how they fair.

    Thanks, seems like that should help them out! :hello:

    If i can get them started well enough, ill get a diary going to show their progress..cheers
  5. I planted some seeds in my beutifle backyard of British Colombia , out of the 2 seeds i planted 1 sprouted in a week and though it is a seedling it is very strong ,wind and rain resistant. do not be discouraged about planting seeds direct to the earth:wave:
  6. Probably too deep at 3 - 4". Remamber in nature seeds don´t get buried at all, they sprout where they fall.

    But you may get lucky, life will take a hold if it can. We have all seen weed sprouts push a hole through tarmac.
  7. Well I removed a couple inches from each hole carefully, now they should sprout up or at least a few :confused: .. Only time will tell, what would most of you expect for 2 inches deep as far as how long until a sprout is seen...up to a week?
  8. Good luck to you.
  9. yes it could be anything from a day to a week or so. just keep the ground moist, if the top 2 inches start to dry out then you should water. good look, i hope you get some sprouting

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