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  1. This is my grow 2 months in. I went from a 6 month feeding soil to a 3 month when I transferred from a 3 gallon pot to 5. I have a bit of burned tips which is not a bad thing. I should note that it suprisingly started when I thought I would add some fox farm nuts to the soil. Ive flushed this soil about twice. Alot of people hate on miricle grow soil on this forumn so I just thought I'd put that to rest. My plants are thriving and I have not had many issues with this soil. Cannabis is a very productive plant so the nuts in the soil most likley get used up very fast. I went from a plain soil in seedling stage before going to mg. Its a little bit more work to hit the sweet spot with this soil I will admit. On a scale of 1-10 mg is like a solid 5 to me. My next grow will be using a plain mix with no added nuts. I will keep this topic updated when I get the chance and will compare yields as well. [​IMG]

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    I have grown with all sorts of mixes..FFOF..Roots Organic etc

    I live in a very small town in a rural area. 2hr round trip to get a bag of soil. Local hardware store carries MG potting soil so I went for it.
    I cut mine about %50 MG, %50 my compost and casting and perlite. I added kelp meal, gypsum and dolomite lime, and a handful of Dr Earth dry ferts to my mix. I used the yellow bag with slow release nutes too.
    I must say, my plants are loving it. Better results ATM then some " made for pot" soils.
    My logic is like yours to the feeding of the plants being heavy and using nutes up etc. I think people mess up adding additional ferts when using MG soil. As in doing "feedings" I have just a touch of nute burn on my tips but as they are getting bigger and flowering that is going away. Overall super happy with my mix and MG as my base.
    Day 16 of 12/12 under a 340 watt Cree cxb3590 Cob build and just turned my mars 300 on. These pics are 10 day apart. Haters gonna hate seems to be working fantastic for me ATM. I will update here too if that is okay.
    Water only on all of these..for their entire life. Proof is in the pudding.


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  3. MG uses time release nutes, which is why you're running into nute burn occasionally (or will be shortly). When it comes to store bought soil, it's actually the worst you can buy for this plant. Nitrogen toxicity during flowering isn't fun.
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    We will see.
    So far my plants are on point. They got just a touch of burn when they were young. They have now out grown it. Taking to their milk as we would say on the farm.
    I think the secret so far for me has been, using the mix at %50 for my base. Then compost and casting as my other half. With no additional feedings.
    Kellogg's is by far the worst soil ever IMO. Anyways..
    Take a look at both our grows..doesn't seem to be the "worst" to me.
    Time will tell but so far, it's working extremely well.

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  5. It is more challenging with miracle grow. Like you I have burned tips and I occasionally just water with plain phd water. Ive had some magnesium deficiences and to fix this i just used epsom salts. I will not flower until my leaves are clear and look healthy. My plants have outgrown my tent so I am starting to have some heat problem due to less air in the space. Im moving to a bigger tent this week. Pretty much the slow release nutrients do not offer everything the plant needs in a moderation that it requires. You will have some defficencies. I am going to try a quarter serving of nutes every watering. Hoping to flower in about 2 weeks.

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    I don't see any yet lol
    Time will tell. If I am going to get any type of def I would start seeing it now , through the next week. Usually weeks 3-5.
    So good.
    I personally think you are playing with fire adding even 1/4 strength nutes with mg.
    Cutting my MG with %50 compost and castings seems to be really working fantastic for me ATM. The added kelp meal , gypsum and Dr Earth dry ferts should hopefully cover me to the finish line lol

    Glad you started this thread.

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  7. Day 24 of 12/12 so about 15-16 days into flower.
    Things are still looking great.
    The miracle grow base is holding it down so far. Water only still.

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  8. Day 27 12/12
    Still looking fantastic.
    Water only and under 330 watts of Cree cxb 3590s


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  9. Tell me if I am hijacking your thread..
    Just realized this is a grow journal.
    Sorry m8. Thought it was a miracle grow thread.
    My apologies.

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  10. Just why are you using MG soil? You have mighty fine lighting and large pots..!
    If you look closely, most of the leaf tips in the last pic are beginning to curl and brown..Looks like N deficiency is beginning..Your grow looks fantastic and is about the one I have seen get this far. JMHO
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    I live in the arm pit of the Midwest. Getting even Fox Farm (which I am not impressed with) is a 3hr round trip. Local hardware store carries MG.
    I used it as my base as stated above. The mix is %50 MG..%50 castings and compost..perlite..kelp meal..gypsum and dolomite lime with Dr Earth all purpose dry ferts thrown in.
    The tips burned about 3 weeks ago. They have since our grown it and are taking off.
    Curling and browning ? Are we looking at the same plants ?? Lol
    No deficiency to be found on these.
    I am having better luck with this than using FFOF as my base tbh.
    I think people run into trouble using %100 MG and also doing feedings.
    I own a small 10x12 greenhouse. This mix was tested and worked fantastic in there too.
    Time will tell but so far, it's rocking the house.
    Not all of us have access to grow shops etc and be damned if I am paying shipping on a bag of soil. We work with what we have.
    I wouldn't rec people use MG if they have access to something of better quality. However, this notion MG can't get the job done reasonably well is just ludicrous to me.

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  12. Keep posting i dont mind. I love it, show the haters that mg is still an option

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  13. Slight nute burn but it being only on the tips show that the nutes he giving is just right

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  14. Unless it is ONLY THE BEGINNING!
    With MG, one never knows when it releases the stuff..
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  15. Well another week has went by.
    Realized that unless this grow is absolutely perfect..which %90 of the grows on here aren't. Even with the name brand soils and bottles etc, this will be deemed a failure.
    I will take this failure every time though lol
    So the plants def ate up their feed. If anything, I needed more MG in my mix lol
    I was getting some yellowing progressing. So I top dressed everyone with some kelp meal and all purpose dry ferts. Watered it in and it stopped in its tracks.
    Are there some yellow leaves ? Yes. However some yellowing is gonna happen during flower etc. People will nit pick this to death regardless cause of the MG.This grow is still shaking out to be a great run.
    My personal best in this space is just under 9 ounces. I have grown this strain many times and can tell I will crush that PB on this one. Prob an easy 1gpw and at 330 watts you can do the math :)
    Day 35 of 12/12


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  16. I wish mg grow made a 30 day low dose feed to start plants. My plants did great their early weeks of veg, but right now im trying to add nutes before I flower and its a mess.

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    Adding nutes is like playing with fire with MG imo.
    As in doing feedings out of the bottle etc.
    If you really think about it growing with MG is kind of like using a super soil. With stuff already in the mix to carry them etc.
    I have basically made "MG "type soil in the past by adding dry ferts to my mix. With pretty good results. Marine Cuisine is a good one by FF.

    I always start in a smaller pot, then do a transplant in fresh soil about a week before I flip. Gives them some goods going into flower instead of relying on a bottle.

    My next run I am going to be using MG again lol
    I will post my mix. This grow is good, but the next one should be better.

    Are you in %100 MG ?
    If so, consider cutting it to %50 base and then adding compost and casting and a few other goodies. It will really help. It will also give you some wiggle room on adding nutes down the line if you need them.
    If you are going to try MG again.

    Let's see some pics Suc.

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    If he's just using MG without no ewc, amendments or compost like you, he needs to feed IMO! I did a Grow with MG natures care one with no perlite one with only MG no perlite growing 2 Aurora Indicia Femmed from nirvana. I ran into a lot of problems including nitrogen toxicity. after I flushed before I flipped I bought FF trio. Started feeding at 1/4 strength with pretty good results. the plant I didn't add perlite gave me not one problem. the one I added MG perlite (time release nutes to) gave me many problems. I was feeding FF trio 2 times a week until 2 weeks before harvest then started flushing. It was my first grow in a 3x2 using a mars 600 and got 4 ounces from the plant that gave me all the problems and a little over 2 ounces from the one plant that gave me no problems at all. and actually the smoke was very Good and smooth.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Btw: if your using MG then adding compost, ewc and Good amendments like you are. Why don't you do No-Till soil? You would just need to buy Peat moss instead of MG! If you go on the organic No-Till revisited version you would just need a few other amendments like neem cakes, Gymsun, bio char and powdered Malted barley. You're just about there now. Your Plants Look Great! Plus your using Awesome lighting for your space. I just think you should ditch the MG or anything with the MG symbol on it, it's all time released nutes! It's not even made for growing cannabis even tho people do when there starting out. Your soil has more advantages cause everything else your adding to it, which is Good. You should make your own soil IMO, it's easy plus you use the same soil over and over again! You just top dress and make a cover crop with clovers or fenugreek etc...

    You could buy Roots organic on Amazon for $20-$25 with free shipping. I considered my first grow with MG beginners luck nothing more. I went through many problems using that soil. But to each there own!
    Good Luck!

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    I own a greenhouse and small plant business. Veggie starts in the spring etc.
    I totally hear where you are coming from on the MG soil. A few things tho. I have 2 plants in 3 gallon pots and the rest in 2gallon pots. Pretty hard to do a no-till in smaller pots.

    I look at it this way. I am basically doing a super soil using MG as my base. At %50 MG and the other %50 my mix I get great results in veg. Going into flower. It's not over powering and no nitrogen toxicity. One top dressing 3rd week of flower and that's it. Water only ftw

    As far as it not being "made for cannabis" pretty sure biochar was made for growing maze in the jungles. I don't get to hung up on names etc. The MG peat is just as good quality if not better than some "made for" brands.
    Also it's not much diff than adding dry say a Dr Earth all purpose organic..which use I my soil. Slow release Dr Earth..but wait..somebody said it was made for cannabis. Smh

    I have a ton of MG on hand. Almost literally lol TBH I haven't really seen any issues with it , the way I am doing it. I have grown many a plant this year too. Not just cannabis using this mix. I need to tweek it a bit for my girls but that's about it.

    Nice pull on those girls above.
    Just a thought..I don't think flushing is gonna do much to get the time released nutes out, then feeding it. Eek..
    Prob why the one without the ferted perlite did way better. Didn't double dip her with npk lol
    Still a nice pull and esp using that cursed MG :)
    My thoughts are this on MG. Is it tailor made for our exact purpose ? No. However..if you use it and apply some common sense there is no reason you can't get good results.
    I don't think I would even use it as my base for autos though. To many variables with them. You either get it dialed in and a nice pull or mess up their small window In veg and waste some time.
    This is all just my opinion. I am no master cannabis guru. Although I am master gardener certified through my state and city :)
    I use MG after all. Wth do I know lol

    Have a great Saturday !!


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  20. I'm not here to criticize anyone, or the way they Grow there MJ! It was a simple debate about MG that's it. You have a Nice Greenhouse I'm sure you could use bigger pots if you wanted to do no-till btw bio char is for aeration and to add minerals.

    Smh lol it's not made to grow cannabis but nobody said you can't as you do get great results but when flower comes around everything could change unless you get it dialed in like you say. Well I flushed because I was feeding my plants FF trio. Anyway once it dried out it started to take off again no more issues until bloom but I wasn't mixing my soil like you are with amendments. It was my first grow. One reason the The plant that didn't give me any problems and gave me less bud I didn't harvest at the peak time as the Calyx didn't get to swell another 10 days is what I should've gave her. It wasn't to bad of a harvest for not ever growing a plant before and the bud was Great! I don't do autos I like to have Control over my plants IMO. There's nothing wrong with them maybe one day I will get into autos but atm i'm sticking with feminized seeds.

    And I'm not Master Grower in anyway still learning. I have two Blueberry's left that I put in bloom 3 weeks ago. And just started a cover crop on my no-till. I'm not certified through my state but I build Grow rooms for people who need meds, or would donate some weed that I have on hand. No Doubt your doing Good with what your working with and getting good results! It's what ever works for you my friend! Because what works for you may not work for me. Take a look

    It was just a friendly conversation that's it! I like your light I'm running Quantum boards.

    Have a nice weekend and happy growing

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