First Grow midnight kush bruce banner # 3

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  1. This is my first grow attempt after doing lots of research I am running 2 plants in 5 gallon buckets RDWC with a control bucket and water chiller under a 600w mh/hps with a blockbuster 6in cooled hood in a scrog. I just started flowering a couple days ago but here are some pictures from start until now these plants are both from clones with an expected flowering time of 8-10 weeks. Temps in tent(4x4) run 67-68F lights out and 72-76F lights on with humidity 30-35%.
    day 1 just planted roots just showing out of 2 inch rock wool cubes

    1 week in

    2 weeks

    3 weeks

    4 weeks and switch to flower next day

    4 days into flower

    they are growing like crazy I feel like I am doing a pretty good job for a first grow Ill continue to update with pics each week. Appreciate any advice or comments the midnight kush is the left plant and the bruce banner # 3 is the right one.

  2. How did your Bruce banner grow go I know it's been a few years just looking at the date on your email I vegged for 2 months Bruce banner 3 it's been flowering coming up 4 weeks did the leafs go yellow end off flowering

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