First grow. Medical for epeleptic wife.

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  1. Finally started my first grow. Been doing heavy research for about 3+ months. I decided with doing a 4' 4 bulb T5 sunflare HO totaling 216 watts under a scrog. I will supplement light with some 4 foot single tubes on the sides. I've bought all the stuff to build my box. I'm building it Monday. Until then they are just vegging in the closet. The box will be 22"W X 4'H X 5'L. The box will be placed in the closet. I built it 1ft longer than the lights to make room for the inline fan/filter & Osc. Fan. The box is going to be framed in 2x4's. Then have panda film stapled to the frame with gorilla tape in between for support. Im also using white gorilla tape for the inside seems and black for the exterior. And for the door got industrial Velcro to seal the flap. I have a 4 inch 270 cfm inline fan and filter otw for $95. For the grow medium I went with soil and used roots organic. For nutrients I am using the roots organic player pack and using the same feeding schedule that aurora recommends. My ph range from 6.3-6.8.
    My temps stay around 80-83f. These are only 9 days old from the day they broke soil. And the other 2 broke soil last night and this morning. All are different high quality bag seeds. Tell me what you think and should add or change. Also I'm only keeping 2 of the healthiest females.
    1458939692201.jpg 1458939710458.jpg 1458939722336.jpg 1458939734975.jpg 1458939748169.jpg 1458939756988.jpg 1458939767248.jpg

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