First grow LST broke large branch :(

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  1. This is my first time growing out here in Canada, She's around 6'5 and wouldn't stop growing higher instead of bushy so I decided to use a little LST, tied it down; not that tight though. I went outside 2 hours later and found it hanging. the only question is,

    is it recoverable?

    I've taped it and put a few zip ties to hold them in place

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  2. You'll know in a few days if it'll take or not.
    Next time.
    With pliers crush a 12 inch length of the stem where you want the bend. Keep crushing and gently bend her over. Tie it down as it will try and stand back up. Fluids will flow past the crush zone and the top will keep right on growing on the horizontal. When you force and "SNAP" the stem it's usually a death sentence for the section above the snap or tear.
    I've used this trick for years to keep tall plants below the top of the wall and out of sight from the neighbors yard.

  3. Best response yet on this forum, I'm praying it revives itself as it was the tallest branch, all best I'll keep updated on this thread

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