First grow lowryder #1 advice needed...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HydroBlowBack, May 26, 2009.

  1. Me and a mate where thinking of doing a small grow indoors with 2 femenized lowryder seeds. ive been some research but cant find what i need so thought id ask.
    i wanna use a CFL envirolight 125w i want to do a soil grow in a home made plywood box,would it be okay to have the envirolite vertical instead of horizontal or would this affect growth? would i need a fan and exhaust fan?
    what dimensions for the box would be good to fit both plants and everything that will be needed for the grow. Any advice welcome ty.
  2. Definateley need an intake/exaust fan. dimensions id say 3 ft x 2 ft and 3-4 ft tall.

    id say a 1-2 gallon pot,and some ORGANIC soil and organic flowering fertilizer.

    most important of all, EDUCATE yourself, you should know all of this things before even considering growing, i dont want you to fail or have problems so you gotta read man! google lowryder grow and use the GC search bar and search it too, look at others grows and try and copy what theyre doing.

    Good luck!

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