First Grow - Lowgirl Auto's, Bag seed

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    Hey everyone, this is my first real grow, seeing what i can make of it. Have been around for a short time, reading lots, with lots still to read! Decided to share what i have so far, remember im still learning so be gentle.


    Dresser split horizontally, seedlings up top, vegging down below
    10 - 23W 6500k cfls, multiple 2700k bulbs (not in play yet)
    cool mist humidifier to keep humidity up
    oscillating fan to circulate air, keep stems strong
    GH nutes - micro, grow, bloom
    electrical timer (18/6 light cycle, same with humidifier)
    ph tester
    mister bottle
    12" pot for Lowgirl 1, 8" for bag seed, 5 gallons for the other 2 @ transplant

    Flower setup will be different if i ever get my order! A GL 145 tent with 400W HPS, lumenaire 6" cool tube. Hoping that I can get a decent yield for my 1st grow. Also planning on having two waves, germing maybe another 3 when these are half done. That is if all goes well! Hopefully some people follow this and are able to help if/when i need it.

    heres some pics for now, ill try to load them chonologically. here are the planting dates (in-soil)

    Bag-Lady - Jan. 13/11
    Lowgirl 1 - Jan. 23/11
    Lowgirl 2 & 3 - Feb. 2/11

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  2. a couple more pics, original box and revised ..
    the description should be on the big pic if ur wondering :wave:

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  3. wow, that's alot of light. you keeping the sides open on that dresser to keep the temp down?
  4. hey man, thanks for stopping over here, figure id write back on here and make believe ppl care about this grow :eek: lol
    this dresser is actually set-up in one of my bathrooms that i can sacrifice untill i get my tent, hopefully in a couple of days. but ya the door stays open with the fan and humidifier blowin in. too much gc for the day .. signin off:smoke:
  5. btw, temps hang around 86 with lights on, 78 lights off. this should be ok, shouldn't it?????
  6. Hey bud,

    those are some healthy looking ladies!
    keep it up
  7. i try to keep my cab under 80. ideal for indoors is 70 - 80 degrees. if you are running ten bulbs you could probably drop down to 8 and that would drop the temp

    looking good so far though!
  8. Looking good man.:wave:
    Thanks for stoppin in on my journal. Yea it sucked first plant turned out to be a male but oh well, not going to stop me from jumping off that ledge into the darkness and fun of growing again and again. Going to have a big update on plants that are left today.

    Nice little setup you have going there even if its just a temp one. Nice, clean and tidy. Im subbed wana see how things come out with these ladies.

  9. thx for stopping by bud! ill be following ur progress too

    knocked out 2 lights like u said, maybe we can get temps down a few degrees. thx for the input man

    thx for support man. im actually thinking my bag-lady might be more "bag" than lady:eek:, not too sure what the time frame for preflowering.

    anyway as for a general update, things are pretty close to where they were yesterday. lowgirl 1 is starting to show her sexy white hairs already tho!:yay: the only problem is that she is barely 4" tall. i guess this is the somewhat normal for auto's but i have no experience so who knows. the other 2 are growing their first set out nicely. i decided id better get some better quality pics so i can show u hairs and baglady's sex, so ill do a proper photo update tomorrow. thx for everyones support and hope u guys stick around!:wave:
  10. this looks so awesome

  11. hey mannix! thx for stopping by and the kind words

    have a picture update for yall. things are still goin ok. still struggling with these high temps:mad: not sure what i can do. letting the soil dry out good before giving them water tomorrow. ph runoffs have been between 6.5-6.9 which i think is pretty good. really can wait for my new setup to get here already, altho i still need some suggestions for a proper ventilation/fan system for my tent:wave: not sure how it all gets set up with a tent as far as placement of fans and whatnot.

    enough talk, pics are as follows ...

    1,2. baglady up close (too early to sex id say, see where i fucked the fim:eek:)
    3. baglady's top
    4. lowgirl 1 - 16 days (today)
    5,6. lowgirl 1's preflowers :hello: <- theyre femmed but still exciting
    7. lowgirl 2 - 6 days
    8. lowgirl 3 - 7 days
    9. the family shot

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  12. can you add a clip on type fan to the setup? that should drop the temp.
  13. Looking good man. Plants are looking rather nice and healthy. And yeah a fan would help move more air around inside that way there are no dead zones for heat to build up.
  14. hey. looks good.

    i have a few suggestions im not trying to change your grow. i would leave the 2 lights.
    and is there room for bottom flowering. top vegging? that would be sick to have a perpetual grow. like get a harvest every month. idk just a few suggestions. thanks for stopping by in my grow.
  15. great stuff keep up the good work.
  16. I'm sub'd. Lookin good so far. I agree that a fan would do ur girls right.
  17. hey y'all, thx for all the support. really want to get an update here but my macbook is dead till i get a new charger, so maybe by monday, tuesday coming up. i got my growlab 145 tent setup in about 20 mins last night and she is a beast. 4'9"x4'9"x6'7". also got 6" lumenaire cool tube reflector with a mh, already have my hps. just waiting on something to hang it with and some fans for this setup. still not sure what fans (inline?), or how to physically place them in their "runs". any ideas?

    again thx for ur patience everyone and have a good weekend!:smoke:
  18. hey everyone, sorry its been so long. just got my new computer cord so im back at er. i got my tent about a week ago and that seems to be working out better. got the three lowgirls in there with the 400 w hps about 8" away for the top of the top of the big one. temps are much better, generally low 80's during the day with low 70's. lots of budding sites on lowgirl 1, and 2 & 3 are coming along nicely, just being put in their 5gals. bag lady is in another room, on a flower light cycle, trying to sex her out.

    here is some pics for now, ill try to stay more on top of things from now on,

    1. baglady's topping site
    2-5. lowgirl 1
    6. lowgirl 2
    7. lowgirl 3
    8. family photo in the tent
  19. lol, stoner forgets how to post pics:wave:

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  20. lookin great. good update!

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