First Grow Lots of Questions and Concern

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bud_explorer420, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. First Grow, Lots of things learned and now know what NOT to do if there is a next time.... 
    Not sure exactly if all buds have mold and decay but almost every single one that is opened has this brown decay, black mold from stems of the big fan leaves that were trimmed during last weeks of flowering because of a insane infestation of worms and caterpillars trying to get the insecticide further into the thick, thick bud to kill off more of the insects, a "care giver" that was looking after the ladies for some time had over done it with the insecticide and burned the buds (no longer working with the ladies), and extended damage of mold due to buds being damp for too long of time before harvest and after harvest (the mold is grey, white, spidery webs and some black dusty mold is also in them). 
    So now the buds are badly damaged from mold and decay plus somewhat over dried from drying too long or too fast. Trying to do what can be done to get what can still be smoked out of the buds. Have some what rehydrated some of the buds and tried to take out the damaged parts of the bud. There isn't much bud left or it takes a big chunk of it making it a small bud or unsellable. 
    Just making sure all of this is what it is thought to be. The brown stuff is the decay and the grey, white, and black is the mold. I don't have pictures right now but will post some later on.
    Can there still be something done with the damaged bud and trimmings? If so what?
    For what bud is good tried to make oil but isn't coming out right I don't think.... Is there a specific instructions to follow? Where can I find them?
    Also the plants were a gift and now trying to decipher what plant is which but now they are all dried and off the branch mixed together... (worst possible scenario) Any tips on doing this?
    One last question. With all the mold damage done is it still able to transfer and grow on the other not so damaged bud even when dried?
    Any and all help/advice GREATLY appreciated!! 
    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. Brah, that sounds like a real fucked up situation. Mold isn't something to play with. As hard as it is to say I would just scrap this grow-around. 
    I mean post some pics so we know what it looks like but like I said....just sterilize and hit restart.
  3. Make it into oil and use it in soil for new batch
  4. Toss it. Don't mess around with mold. Definitely don't give it to others. Wouldn't you be pissed if someone sold you mold. Plus molds dangerous, if its as bad as you make it sound it could really mess up their lungs especially if they already have a respiratory problem.
  5. Throw all that shit away.

    Not worth it.

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