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    Hey! Like the title says, this is my very fist grow and I love it! It was 8 weeks ago I planted 3 White Widow autos from Royal Queen Seeds (harvest in 12 weeks), and today I have 3 beautiful girls standing tall in my tent. (a bit too tall as I failed the lst) I am running a 210w led light and I am using Gold label nutrients.

    Some of my leafs has turned yellow and dark around the edges. This is only happening at the very lowest parts of the plants. I am worried I might overfeed or something, I don't know, maybe this is normal as the plants are aging?
    I only water them when the pots feel really light and the leafs are starting to droop.
    Up until flowering I gave them water with a pH at 5.8 and now in flower I went up to 6.2.
    I don't really know what to say here, It's hard to ask the right questions being as inexperienced as I am. Please, take a look at the pictures and let me know what I can do different/better. All feedback is appreciated!

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  2. FYI you won't get any answers if you take pictures with the purple light on.

    turn it off and retake the pictures in natural light
  3. Is that better?
  4. Looks like nute burn, but it's also normal for lower leaves to turn yellow and fall off during flower
  5. What medium are you using and how much perlite did you add?
  6. If it is nute burn, does that affect the buds even if it doesn't show on the buds? Last time I watered the plants I used half the nutes and I let a lot of the water run through the medium out the bottom. I guess u could call it a half-flush^^
  7. I am using cannaterra proffessional. it came with perlite in it, not sure how much but i water my plants every 4 days or so

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