first grow, lookin good but one ? noob overwater?

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  1. whats goooood ladies and gents. this is my first indoor grow, failed 3 years in a row outside (deer, a tornado ha, deer again). im a roughly 2 WEEKS in on some diesel (not sure what kind exactly got the seeds from some old guy ive smoked the ish and its amazing, he swears by it and i loved it as well). got 4 CFL's hooked up theyre 24 watt(i think), 100 wattt equivalent eco bulbs. i have 2, one is looking great but the other ehh not sure. its lookin a lil rough. what do you guys think? you can definitely tell which one is the gimp. i think i overwatered because it was doing real good then just kinda limped out. need a expert opinion though. halted watering for a bit till she(being optimistic :D) straightens out. super stoked on this though!! i attched the pics

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  2. Any opinions on it?
  3. wut color spectrum r those cfl's? All batches of seeds have their runts i think u jst hav one of those i use 1.5in rockwool cubes to grow out till their about a week older than the ones uv got and i can pick the best ones out and i dnt have the pots of soil from culled seedlings sitting around
  4. 6500k i know the spectrum is good. they were equal till about 5 days ago and the one shot off and the other just kind crapped out. checked it again tonight and its looking better havent h2o'd in two days. like i said im new at this just kinda got some organic soil, germd the seeds and dropped em in. looking for advice on nutes too if anyone has input. its organic soil but i kinda wanna try and boost em as much as possible. not sure what my plan of attack should be
  5. yup its jst a runt, in my experience its the plant that ends up the frostiest, i did a ff ocean Forrest grow that once the plants ran out of nutes in 2-3 weeks or sumn i used general hydro 3 part nutes for 12 bucks a piece and had great results an easy regiment thats easy to add to but is primo with jst the 3 part, flush good before any nutes go in to ensure there is no leftover slow release nutes
  6. hmm so what numbers should i be lookin for to keep em fed for the next few weeks. i dont have any hydro shops around me just home depot's, lowes maybe some small nurserys haha. small town
  7. ur really looking at the ratios as the numbers get bigger the dosage jst gets lower so thats not so important find a equal ratio 5-5-5 up to 15-15-15 can have higher N like upwards of 25-15-15 then wen it flowers drop the N and up P and K 15-25-25 or 5-15-15 but using cheap ferts means high toxic salts so fert 3 times then use jst water to help flush salts and flush every 2 weeks and u will avoid alot of probs especially with miracle grow or sumn
  8. just picked up some Dynamite 'Mater Magic, its an 8-5-5. totally organic. its made of meat meal, feather meal, bone meal, blood meal and sulfate of potash. i can use this throughtout veg right? without flushing? then i plan to switch up not sure to what yet but i want to keep it organic, might try using some molassas as well. any good organic bloom boosters out there?

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