First grow ... longtime reader ... 37 days in

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  1. Hello gc...

    Been a browser of these forums for many years and finally have my first grow going, and big is she growing strong. Excited to show my work to like minded peeps


    Quick over view of what she's in:
    - 30w X 18l X 36h (units are inches) grow tent
    - 3 gallon plastic bin (needed a shallow yet wide pot, drilled many holes on bottom and sides and duct taped the sides to block light)
    - Fox Farms Ocean Forest (definitely pretty hot soil but the genetics I got have nooooo problem with the nutes so far)
    -300 watt equivalent (210 watt actual) full spectrum dimmable LED from eBay
    - 4 inch intake fan with exterior sucking to prevent light leaks
    - 6 inch exhaust fan with 347 CFM carbon filter attached outside the tent and exterior ducting to prevent light leaks
    - temps range from 65 on a cold night to 80 in the summer days of New England but they've been ranging from 70-75 in the tent in the past weeks
    - humidity has naturally been high will potentially need small dehumidifier for flowering

    I gave her a topping 2 weeks ago which would be at day 23 from sprout, the growth is clearly in and so maybe I FIMed instead? Have been LSTing with garden spikes in the soil keeping her branches low but boy is this plant a dense bush already. Strain is a cross between sour diesel, jack herer, northern lights, and a secret white strain.... local fem seeds

    Aside from alllllll that's hope that's a solid intro lol peace

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  2. That plant is bursting with health,well done!
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