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  1. I have been going through a whole bunch of issues in my first 3 weeks of this grow (the picture is a seedling that's almost 4 weeks it dead?) I have two lights. A phlizon 600w LED that is 105w of actual power, and a 1500w (250w) cob led that is bright as fuck. My grow space is a closet ( the fold open door American closet) I have a lux meter on my phone (just as a rough guide) the manufacturer on both suggest 24in for seedlings. Well at 24in. The lux on the phlizon is like 4000 and the lux on the cob led is more like 40,000. So any suggestions on light placement? They are both about 14x6 lights. So small and the same size.
  2. Seedling at 3weeks 5 days since I put seed in water to germinate. They are in 1 gallon pots of organic soil with perlite. Water ph'd. Definitely over watered for a solid 2 weeks. 4 plants seem to be slowly recovering and 4 seem to not be doing anything

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    Too much water and maybe light too. I start my seedling under cfls cause you can get very close and they dont stretch. I say leave the phlizon on and turn the other off for a week to see if they recover. Better to have the light further and let them stretch than be too close and bleach it out that young
  4. It may be a bad move but I used a lux meter to position the phlizon light above the plants and it puts out 5-7k lux at that height. It's about 21inches. The cob light I put in a different closet and hung it 3ft above the plants which puts out 7-10k lux. I have 14 actual seedlings to play with. I plan to leave nthe two best ones under the phlizon light and rotate some of the other ones back and forth between the two lights every 24 hours to see what happens. The lights are on timers so the dark time is the same
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    What type of soil? Many brands are marketed as organic, and many simply suck for growing cannabis.

    2 ft away should be fine for seedlings. Those don't look like the light is the problem.

    Most likely the slow growth is from the soil and/or over watering. If that is one of those watering bulbs I see in the photo, then get it out of the pot. No need for that with a seedling really.
  6. That's a poker for a bowl. I poked air holes in the soil. The soil I got is trash and retains moisture a lot. I also overwatered. I switched to black gold
  7. If you have already switched the soil, and adjusted your watering habits then there really isn’t much else you can do. If your light was the problem then the plants would be stretching rather than just not growing. Changing soil with such small seedlings can cause them to stall out for a while. Most will recover eventually but some just will never grow right after major problems, particularly early on in their life. Unless you invested a lot of money in seeds, it may be more efficient to cut your losses and start new seeds. Within a week to a week and a half after sprouting you would probably have a larger healthier plant. If you are in Denver, clones would be another quicker option if you know a good place to get them.
  8. I just popped 5 more seeds. Gonna give the small shitty looking plants 2 weeks and if they don't get better I will toss them
  9. My sprouts get 10k lux till 1st true leaves are fully formed. Then 15k -25k lux till 3rd node depending on how much stretch I want. Then 40k lux for veg and 50-60k lux for flower.

    4000k color temp for veg
    2700-3000k color temp for flower.
  10. So
    So the only issue I have with that is if I put my phlizon light close enough to get 10k lux then it's closer than the manufacturer suggests. And seems way too close. My other cob light is 4.5ft above some of my seedlings and it's putting off 12k lux.
  11. Only one way to find out
  12. The larger greener plant is a week younger than the other one. The other one I had the light 10-12in away. Also they were way overwatered. They are drying out now. If the oldest ones that are small don't grow soon I'll toss them. That tiny plant is 3 weeks 5 days old. First grow isn't going great

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  13. If it were me I would start over. For almost 4 weeks old they are super stunted.

    This is from earlier this year.
    Day 13-17

  14. It was a combination of things, grow light to close, overwatered, shitty soil, no nutes. The soil I got was very chunky and retained a lot of moisture, it also had no kind of fertilizer in it. I also didn't mix it with perlite. The larger plant is Roughly 2.5 weeks old. I also just popped 5 seeds. By the time these get big enough to transfer I'll will have tossed whatever didn't bounce back. Probably gonna buy a waterfarm. Soil is messy and from what I hear soil is like painting, its a art and you have to learn to do it over time. Hydro on the other hand is more of a science.
  15. Growing in general is an art / learning experience. Hydro is more technical, but given experience soil is much less work. Hydro is great, but don’t let a few mistakes discourage you from soil. Hydro has its own difficulties as well. Everything you mentioned that went wrong this time won’t likely go wrong next time just because you’ve learned from the grow. Any method you use, learning to “read” the plants is not only important but something that you can’t learn from reading a book or website.

    Soilless mediums, of which I prefer coco, are also a good way to get your feet wet with some of the technical aspects of hydro without investing in a system.
  16. Yea I was telling my girlfriend it's like how people learn to work on cars at schools. They teach you all the THEORY but practical application is a bitch. That's why new mechanics are apprentice's or low level techs first
  17. If you are serious about growing then I highly recommend investing in a decent PH meter.

    If your just testing things to see if you can successfully grow then I highly recommend any PH meter digital or even liquid drops.

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