First Grow (Legal) ~ Indoor 3x3 Tent

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  1. Nice, I'm going to be in a 4x4 GrowLab and am wondering if I should step it up a bit, or if something like what you have will work for me. You seem to be keeping good temps, yeah?
  2. Ya Grower, I am keeping temps between 65 and 78 with the exhaust on depending on how cold it is outside. This fan would be fine for a 4x4 (I think). You gonna throw a 1000W HPS in that bad boy?!?!
  3. Naaaaaaah... I'm gonna start it up with a 600, but we'll see where that takes me :D
  4. ~~ Day 67 of flower ~~

    Still no amber trichs so hopefully these will be ready within the next 2 weeks. First 2 pics are blueberry, second 2 are skunk. MAN I'm ready ready to chop these bitchezzz!!!!!




  5. Hey man, im curious about the smell in your house, i want to do pretty much the exact same thing as you but i notice your carbon filter isn't vented out of your room? maybe its a bad angle, could you tell me how exactly this works and what the smell is like in your place? thanks
  6. Whatsup Weedman-
    The filter is mounted in the tent and then it goes like this:

    Filter > Duct > Reflector Hood > Duct > Exhaust Fan

    The exhaust blows out into my basement and when it is on, there is ZERO smell. I put keg cups filled with Ona Gel in about 4 locations around the basement just to make sure nothing stinks. Even though I'm legal, I still don't want people knowing about any of my shit.

    However, when the fan is OFF, the smell fills the basement easily and sometimes makes it's way to the upstairs. The fan is only off for two (1) hour periods during the dark cycle. Hope this helps!
  7. Actually that really helped lol also what is your reasoning for the 2, 1 hour breaks? would that be something i could constantly leave on?
  8. I just like to give the humidity a chance to rise slightly and also to lower my electrical usage a little (every little bit counts on that elec bill every month). You could have it on 24/7 and tons of people do.
  9. What's good indic4 those buds are looking tasty man, do you know which breeder they're from? Also do you have light leak issues or anything with your Silver Edition? I just ordered a 4x4 so I'm just wondering if I'm going to have to do any mods to it.
  10. Hey Bagz, just about ready to chop these girls. I have zero light leak issues with the Silver Hut, this tent is the shit and I'll be getting another one soon (although I think the large ones are too high for my ceiling).
  11. nice grow but you said the smells fills up the room whens the fans off..
    you can try and put on a back draft damper so it closes off the duct when the fans off. they are pretty cheap and not hard to install.
  12. Just took the first hit from my own plants, I'm fuckin stoked!!!!

    I still haven't chopped but......Couple days ago I plucked 2 popcorn buds from the bottom of one of the blueberry plants. The high is excellent, nice body high. :hello:

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  13. Those things are pretty!
  14. I chopped on the 23rd (the pics are blurry but oh well) and did an initial trim of mostly the large fan leaves. They have been hang drying for 3 days and the leaf tips are crispy but the stems still don't snap when bent.

    I am going to trim them again and then put them into paper bags along with some paper trimmings (kinda like the method in Rumple's sticky thread). They will stay in the bags for 24 hours and then into mason jars. I plan on opening the jars twice a day (5 min each) for three days and then once a day for 3 more days. From there I will open them about once a week....this is all assuming this goes smoothly along the way. If it doesn't, I'll have to change my plans.

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  15. HARVEST REPORT :hello::hello::hello:

    Here are pics of the final trimming session. Bud went into paper bags for 24 hours and then into jars. Got some great hash off of my fingers and my trimming blade. Had to scrape it about 6 times over the course of about an hour+.

    Final weight count:

    Blueberry: 85g (2 plants)
    Skunk: 25g (1 plant)

    Total weight dry weight is just under 4 oz. I am very happy with the results of my first grow (I was hoping for 1 oz per plant or more). Now that i am upgrading to 1000W bulb and a bigger tent, hopefully I can improve on these numbers.




  16. 4oz, 3 plants, first grow..... Not a bad pull at all my friend.

    Can't wait for the next one!
  17. Thanks Grower! I can't wait either....Hopefully starting in about 3 weeks.
  18. Great! We'll hopefully be starting around the same time. I ordered all of my gear in the past week and everything is in transit from various locations across the US. :hello:
  19. Nice, let me know when you start a journal so I can SUB it.
  20. Good pull dude. Great first run! That's gotta be worth a +rep fo sho! Now onwards and upwards with the 1K rig eh! Your definately one to keep an eye on. Peace out bro :hello:

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