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    What's up everyone, welcome to this n00b's:metal: first grow. Advise always needed so feel free.


    • Someone donated 3 clones to me at 2 weeks old.
    • Didn't have my setup up and running so they vegged (18/6) at another location up to week 5.
    • I started 12/12 on Oct. 2 which is Day 39. Also their first night in my setup.
    • Started topping the plant to the back right on Oct. 3.

    My Setup:

    • 3x3x7 Hydrohut Silver Edition Grow Tent
    • Xtrasun 6" Air Cool Reflector
    • 600W Eye Hortilux Super HPS
    • 6 Inch Can filter and fan (exhaust)
    • 6 inch duct for passive intake
    • Small clip-on fan blowing inside tent
    • Pro-Max Soil mixed w/ worm castings (did a 2 to 1 soil to worm mix which I think was way too many castings and it shows since I have some nute burn already)
    • Fox Farm Nutes (Grow Big, Tiger Bloom & Big Bloom)
    • 3 Gal. pots


    • Cerus Skunk
    • 2 other plants were labeled Blueberry and AK-48 but they look EXACTLY the same so I'm not sure which strain they are...if the buds are blue in 2 months, I guess they are blueberry!


    • Between 75-82 with lights on
    • Between 65-75 when off
    • This will change in the next 2 months as the weather here will get much colder soon

    I will try and update this at least every 2 weeks, should be a fun ride. Hopefully I don't fuck this up!!! Pics Coming...
  2. IMGP3049.JPG


    ---Day 39---
  3. Good luck bud, did the tent with the vent setup? or was that something you added
    What kinda strains are those
  4. The tent has a total of 5 large venting holes and 4 smaller ones for power cords. There are 3 panels on the bottom that velcro open and shut for airflow also. They are supposedly Cerus Skunk, Blueberry and AK-48 but I think 2 of them are the same.
  5. Nice setup, subbed! Does that reflector have hinged glass?
  6. Hey Bagz, the reflector does have a removable glass piece that slides in/out of the bottom of the hood. I just checked out your setup. Those girls are lookin mighty fine!!!! It looks like we are running similar setups as far as size of rom/tent and bulb strength. Subbing your journal now.....
  7. ~~~ Day 46 ~~~

    I added a 6" passive intake and another clip on fan. The humidity is getting too high during the day when the lights are off so I think I need to add another passive intake on the other side of the tent and run the exhaust 24/7.

    The third pic down shows an example of the brown tips that are on about 3 to 4 of the fan leaves on each plant There is a yellow tint to the leaves as well. Some great new growth all over the place though and things are looking pretty good all in all (to me anyway).



  8. ~~~ Day 58 ~~~

    Added 2 more passive intakes to reduce the humidity during the day. I have my exhaust running for two 2 hour periods during the off time and it has kept my humidity levels between 35% and 55%.

    Did a full flush on day 53 to try and help out my N overload and it seems to have worked. The plants looks good and are growing well as far as I can tell.

  9. ~~~ Day 69 ~~~

    Added 1 tbsp/gal of molasses last watering and they have responded well. The Blueberry are a bit more sensitive than the skunk. There is more yellowing in the leaves than I'd like but I don't know how to fix it so fuck it. The buds look very healthy so that's all I'm gonna worry about for now.

    The last pic is the skunk, rest are blueberry.




  10. They're looking good man. So your on day 30 of flowering now?
  11. Hey Bagz. Thanks, ya today would be Day 32
  12. ~~ DAY 46 of Flower ~~

    I started using Beastie Bloomz last week. Not much has changed, I think that there is a lack of soil, I'll have to watch that for the next grow. There is little to no vertical growth during the past 2 weeks but the buds continue to plump so I'm not stressin. :smoke:




  13. damn those are looking great man!
  14. Those look awesome man. What did you end up yeilding off those ?
  15. Thanks Josh, I still haven't chopped them. The trichs are milkie but no amber just yet. I will prob post pics right before I chop and then I'll update with the yield.
  16. Right on. Keep it going. Lookin great.:smoke:
  17. Glad I found your grow. I'll be setting up my tent in the next month or two and am trying to follow grows of similar size. What CFM fan are you running?
  18. wow, not even on cha ching yet and your plants are almost done.
  19. The only solubles I used for this grow was Beastiez since I was too late to get them all going. I will be using the full line of concentrates and solubles on my next grow.
  20. Hey man, this is a Can 33 fan/filter combo which I believe rates out at 170 max CFM.

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