First Grow - LED Bloom Boss 1000

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  1. Day 34

    The one on the left looks like it's a week behind. Maybe from stress from the defoliation right before I flipped. Other than that everything's going smoothly.

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  2. Day 40

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  3. Day 47

    Checked Trichs and with my newb eye Im saying its at 50-60% cloudy on one lady and only 20% on the other. I figure one will be ready right around 8-9weeks and the other 9-10.

    Started flushing today with PHd water and molasses. Getting close!

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  4. Day 51

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  5. Day 55

    Going on vacation on Wed Day 59 and returning on day 65. Will totally defoliate when I return and push them to as close to 70 as possible

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  6. Did you harvest yet or no? Have u found any nanners amoungst your bud?
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    Harvested last night on day 65. Everything's trimmed and hung to dry. Only found 1 seed while trimming so not too bad.

    Going to use the popcorn in the pans on the ground to make butter. As for weight I'm guessing it will be around 3-4 Oz total dry weight, but I will confirm before I start cure.

    I recieved my Ball Mason Jars and Boveda 62% humidity packs today. Any suggestions, tips or best practices when curing for a more desirable medicine?

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    Germination Started on 7/22
    Seedlings Planted on Monday 7/24
    Transplanted and put in grow room 7/29
    Transplanted into 5 Gallon on 8/19
    Transitioned to flower on 8/28
    Started Flushing on Oct 13th (47 days of flower)
    Harvested 10/31 (65 days)

    100 Total Days
  9. Dry slow and cure for at least a month, 2 is better imo
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  10. I got my humidity at 55% and the Temps at 72°... Good circulation, but no direct air. Any other recommendations for slow dry?
  11. Sounds like you’re on the right track for sure.
    Some say wait till stems break till you jar. I like to do it a little sooner than that. As long as you can keep track of the humidity while jarred that is. Don’t want mold lol.
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  12. Thanks bud!
  13. So after 72 hours of drying, one plant (the airy one) yielded 26 Grams of frosty goodness. Looks like it was dipped in crystal meth.:hello:

    The lower budlets (what I'm using for butter) yielded 41 Grams. Going to be a good Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    One lady is still drying and she'll probably be ready tomorrow or the next. She is super dense and I want to make sure I get down to 15-20% water retention before I jar. Looks fire though!

    Smoked a fatty about a half hour ago and I'm in the clouds. Will post final yield and pictures after I get the rest in jars. Peace fam

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  14. Final Numbers!

    The 2nd and final Lady was chopped down shortly ago and yielded 83 Grams.

    Total: 150 Grams (5.35oz)
    Total Grow Time : 100 Days (Seed to Harvest)

    2nd grow is coming soon. Only this time I will be much more prepared! Thanks for the help along the way Grasscity! Peace Fam

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  15. Just some pic updates! Cheers everyone!

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  16. Looks great, will the 2nd grow be here or new journal?
  17. Haven't decided yet. Either way I'll post the link on here if I start a new one! Thanks for following man!

    Any suggestions from the list in the pic for my next clones? Grabbing them Friday

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  18. Never heard of purple tears...hmmm
  19. Neither have I. Definitely snatching one of those
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