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    i fed it nitrogen last night in a mixture of nutrients 2-4-5 and it seems to be getting worse still.

    please help me bro's

    i was told to remove the tin foil from my closet as it was bad for the plant

    thank you so much

  2. Im still a grower newb, but from what ive learned on the fourms over the last 2-3 weeks, flush it
  3. how that happen so i know what not to do
  4. i didnt do anything.
  5. hey take that alumin out of ur box get a poly black white back or use mylar it gets better light to ur plants all around and feed it nitrogen when ur feeding the plant never overuse
  6. i think it could be a few possible issues from the few details, you have provided ...get rid of that foil never do some crack head shit like that again please!!!! how big is the pot that plant is in? i think your plant could be root bound and need a transplant to more soil, or it could be that your soil had sufficient nutrients in it before you fed with nutrients and the additional nutrients caused the plant to be overfed and caused the suggestion check the bottom of the pot to see if it is root bound if it is transplant asap if not water the plant with water that is 6.0 pH for the next 3-4 waterings before you use nutrients again and what are you currently pHing you water to it should be 6.0 for soil grows, and since this is a smaller plant did you water a half strength of nutes? could be you over did i, and how close is the plant to the light and what kind is it ??? the plant could be to close check all these out and get back to me let me know if this helps ++++rep
  7. hey try that advance nuterints pack for hobbyiest since ur like me and new. Its states that u want even need a ph tester since its design to regulate itself. Thats what im going to use
  8. Alright, take a deep breath and relax. Your plant still looks quite healthy. It is natural for the bottom leaves to yellow since more energy is needed for the upward growth. I freaked when this started to happen on my plants, but pay attention to the very top. If you have a major problem, it will surface there too. I would advise some light Nitrogen feeding. Be careful though; use half of the recommended serving amount. For me, this meant using less than 1 tablespoon per gallon. Don't over do it.

    Good luck!
  9. yeah well i just recieved it from a friend and he didnt tell me how he's been treating it. i dont have a ph and i watered it once like 2 days ago after i recieved it my friend said to water it. the temp is like 18 or 25 degrees. i just picked up an organic grow product called ecofert and its for flowering. its specs are 2-4-5. Im using two 40watt cfl lights. im using purified water because i dont have a ph scale
  10. I would save the flowering nutes until you start to see signs of flowering. Just go to your local hardware store and look around at the fertilizers. You'll want some thing that has a higher first number since the numbers stand for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium.
  11. thank you so much carlo, you have been a lot of help to me
  12. what levels of nutrients should i get?
  13. 6-4-4 or something close to that would probably be good for you.
  14. is 20 20 20 bad?
  15. you need a bigger pot to transplant her too
  16. You might want to heavily dilute something like that

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