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  1. So a few months ago I just threw some seeds in my moms garden and then now I got a pretty decent plant starting to bud. I haven't done anything to it but tie it down sideways so the neighbors couldn't see it. I water here and there but I really don't do anything at all to it lol but mother nature is doing work! Let me know what you think and what I should do with it etc...

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  2. haha, growing like weed should. I'm trying my hardest and yours look fucking better haha. nice job man :)
  3. Lol thanks man and sorry to hear that! Seeing this plant just makes me wanna actually start growing!
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    it's totally worth it. I have some emotional issues (bi-polar), and growing really helps with it. it takes my mind off everything that stresses me out, relaxes me, gives me something to care about, etc. mine will get to where yours are at. it's just gonna take a while :)
  5. Yeah I could agree with you a little about that
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    we all grow for different reasons man. good luck with your girl.

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