First Grow! KB seeds outdoor

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  1. HIGH ALL, this is my first grow and I'm starting with some KB seeds I picked up from my dealer and I'm planting then about 100 yards behind my house in our woods.

    3/26/06 -- Started germination for 4 seeds.

    3/28/06 -- All 4 seeds germinated.

    3/29/06 -- Planted all 4 seeds in seperate plastic red cups. Using Shultz Potting soil with fertilizer. I know your not supposed to use ferts until flowering but it was the only soil I had so they might get a little nute burn.

    3/31/06 -- All 4 seeds sprouted

    4/06/06 -- Plants are doing great, looking very healthy, all around 2-3 inches tall, still getting leaves.

    I don't have a digi camera right now, but in a few days I'm ordering a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H1 so pics will start of the plant at around 2-3 weeks of sprouting.This is my 1st grow so ALL critisizm(sp?) is welcome.
  2. gl

    i am doin an outdoor grow as well with bag seed.
  3. Thnaks bro. Make a a thread on your grow and ill subscribe since were doing basically the same thing.
  4. hey man.sounds like this ones gonna be fun! ill be keeping an eye out! :) btw i know by KB you mean bagseed but what exactly does KB stand for? just cos alot of people round the city use it and i dont know what it means lol. if your interested/have time, i have a grow that only has about 33 days until harvest. pop along if you can!! the more the merrier! well, ill catch you soon buddy, p.s. cant wait to see pics of your lovley babies.
    Just Blaze It.....
  5. Hey bro thanks for the good words. KB stands for "kineBud" and kine is hawaiin for excellent or something like that so excellent bud, and they def. hit the nail on the spot on that because it is some dank green. You have a thread for your grow? I'll def. check it out if you have one. Ill get pics up as soon as I get my new camera!
  6. cool man. ill be watchin! yeh my thread is titled "advice please" in the grow journals. just to let you know im currently growing 1 super skunk female, LST'd and FIMMED under a 400w hps and a 110w nebual cfl. shes about 11 days into 12/12 as of now. anyways, keep us posted on them greeny's!
    Just Blaze It
  7. Will do man and ill check out your thread later tonight, and subscribe. Also whats FIMMED? I've heard it plenty before butnever knew what it was.
  8. hey. yeh its when you cut any growing tip in half, or maybe smaller. it achieves the same effect as topping, but without losing a growing tip. im trying to find a picture for you now.....
  9. Ok yeah im not to sure what topping is either haha. still new to all this growing stuff.

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