first grow..just planted seeds

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    whats up GC. here is my first grow and journal.. I have afghan kush, kings kush and 2 super lemon haze. I have a 400w MH plan to grab a 400w hps in a month.. i have ventilation leading to an attic.

    I put them in a wet paper towel and stuck in a tubberware bowl.. popped two days later

    I bought seed starting mix from the dollor store.. no nutes in the soil

    will buy FFOF and FF nutes next week..

    I will update with pics everyday so everybody can see it grow day by day

    here my little set up.. the light is about a foot away

    let me know what u think

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    day 2 status report

    we have confirm that there is life on planet marijuana

    my super lemon haze and afghan was planted about 8am-9am est yesterday and both of them popped through the soil.

    my other super lemon haze and kings kush was planted about 12pm-1pm and no signs of life..

    Im worried about my afghan kush when it popped through the soil the stem was folded in half and two flower pedals was in the dirt.. the seed case was gone... i moved some soil away and hopefully it reaches for the light..

    EDIT: I tried to take pics with my digital camera but its hard to see because the plant is little and the light is blasting down
  3. it will rech for the light , no worries bro. that happend to me a few times in rw and i just gave it a little nudge out and away it went , but i dont recomend it though, just something i did
  4. Howdy! Hopefully your kush will straighten up, domes tend to make seedlings weak, did you remove the baggie? Also, a fan lightly blowing on the seedlings will strengthen them up. Good luck!
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    guys ur right.. afghan went str8 up to the light... i did take the bags off. my other two popped through too.. im 4 for 4.. now my kings kush is having the same problem the afghan had.. im not worrying tho.. looks like they could use water but i will water in the morning.. any 1 see a problem with that?? i took a couple of pics u really cant see much but i want to take pics everyday

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    day 3 status report

    sad news to report... the king kush is still bent over no signs of it reaching to the light.. what can i do to help out? a lgood water?? my other three plants has gotten taller. will take pics later on today.. i dont think my kings kush will make it.. i might be holding a funernal.

    also I did put a fan in to move the air around and hopefully strenghten up them stems
  7. If she's just bent over, use a chop stick or even better - add more soil to help support the weak stem, or both :). She'll strengthen up over the next few days most likely, make sure she has plenty of light (close). It's worth trying to save :smoking:
  8. Yeah save that baby. might be the one that turns out best, little love goes a long way man.

    Wish you all the luck, subbed.:)
  9. what they said:D
  10. I hope evrything goes well with all 4!!!:)

  11. day 3 continued

    guys i gave my plants about 50ML of water a little under two oz's.. the kings king went str8 up.. but now the flower wont open (sad face) we will know more tomorrow.. here' the other 3 tho..

    bottom left-super lemon haze

    bottom right- afghan kush

    top left- kings kush (the premature)

    top right- super lemon haze

    do they look stretched?? i have a 400w MH thats about a foot away

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  12. day 4

    all the plants are doing good.... my plants look a little stretched but i dont know for sure. will buy FFOF monday and transplant.. u can see a lil growth in the pic

    look at the bottom right cup.. one of my super lemon haze.. do u guys see the curves in the stem?? is that a problem??

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  13. Yeah King Kush made it!!!:)
  14. i as well am growing afghan kush and mine are growing slow due to poor lighting. i see and read that you got proper lighting. (dont quote me on this but im think mh is better for flowering and hps is for vegging.) n e who im def. interested in your grow op. im scribbed
    be safe and happy grow:wave:

  15. yea masa kings kush pulled through it just looks a little small

    this is my first grow but everybody says that MH is better for veg hps for flowering.. in a couple of weeks i plan on getting the hps and MH in 1 on htg supply... what kind of lights are u using

  16. gotcha vice versa. im using 2 250wt florescent tubes & 3 23wt day spectrum cfls. you can check out my journal in my signature. im sorta cheap. :cool:
  17. Yeah I have Only a MH and hope to get a HPS of the same wattage next grow.

    I hear HPS are alot better for flowering as they contain more of the red spectrum of light which the plants utilize more of during flowering, and MH contains more of the blue spectrum which plants utilize more of during the veg cycle. I know there are others in the GC world with far deeper knowledge of the subject if you need it.
  18. day 6

    whats good GC. i was busy yesterday and didnt get to post anything but today i transplabted in FFOF finally.. I will give it a couple days to react because i took the whole plant from the cup soil and all..... i had to move the light up i hope all is getting enough light.. heres a pic

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  19. Looking really good! Great job on burying them a little deeper, I've stretched out seedlings where they were laying on the ground and they come out fine transplanting deep like that.

    Looks like you are good to go for the next 2 weeks - where nothing happens LOL It's a long time to wait man, hardest part of the grow IMO :p

    What kind of nutes are you planning to use?

  20. transplant was a little rough for my first time but i dont think i hurt the plants any...yea now just a waiting game.. next week i plan on getting big bloom and grow big.. you think i could introduce the nutes next week or wait two weeks??

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