first grow just make sure im on track

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doindia, May 27, 2006.

  1. hey guys ive decided to grow a batch of green and im only going on what a friend of mine (who used to grow) told me pretty quick and not too much in detail

    i told him i was:

    growing outside in the woods
    didnt want big plants just a nice harvest

    so he says what i would do is:

    germinate the seeds, get 20oz bottles and cut the tops off, fill them HALF with soild, push the soil down with your finger about 3/4 an inch and drop the germinated seed in there... then when it comes out and above the top of the 20oz fill the rest of it up with soil all the way to the bottom of the little leaves... then let it grow water and sunlight... once you can tell its sex either kill it (male) or take it out of the 20 oz and put in a 3 litre bottle (female) he said it wouldnt get big at all and i could keep it rather bushy and then grow it from there. ive been reading and reading, and i know i need to know SO many more things but am i on the right path? we have the bottle strung and hung in trees about 10 ft up

    we have 20 germinated plants growing but we figured on counting at least half of them males, and maybe losing a few females, just looking for 5-6 plants in the end to harvest, ive read a lot about topping and all, but still not too keen on it all?

    im 3 weeks in and they are looking pretty healthy id say about 8 inches tall, guess...

    also i dont know which fertilizer, i need something i can pick up local

    guide me in the right directions, links, threads, stickies (im reading through now) and all the other free info you can give!

    also im super paranoid of getting caught... the thing is, its out in the woods, could be anyone growing it, and ive got NO tracable paraphanalia... my big worry is planes and heat radar and shit like that ive heard about...
  2. bro if u got 10 plants in 20 ounce bottles in the woods no plane or heat radar or anything of the sort could find it... if its in a tree theres no way a plane could see it its all green, and wheres the heat for the radar to pick up? anyways i think u should get some bigger buckets personally, also bone meal and blood meal for ferts nice and organic..
  3. well the thing is i dont really care to have a TON, even if each plant yeilds about an ounce or 2 id be cool with that, its all for personal and friends, im not selling anything. so the less conspicious the better!

    so no heat radar will pick up on 10-20 plants?

    thanks for the fert choices, those are local home depot/lowes?

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