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  1. What do you guys think so far? 3 weeks old today! I actually germinated them in a tin bucket my wife picked up for my son to grow strawberries from Home Depot. The soil was very moist and covered it up for 3 days. Pulled it out and saw one just coming out so I stuck it in my window sill for about 6 hours and it shot up! Then the other one came up. So I started running with it.

    Seeds are just bag seeds, I started using a light that I had here at my house. T-8 15w 5500k like 500 lumen I think. I ran the light 24/7 and kept some moist rocks in there for humidity. I watered only with a spray bottle as the container wasnt deep at all.

    This is nothing more then an experiment for me... I dont expect to yield anything. I dont even know if they will be males or females. I just want to see if I can keep the things alive to maturity male or female. I dont even know what strain it is.

    Now I have two 2 gallon plastic pots with plenty of drainage, Miracle Grow Organic spoil with about 25% Perlite. No nutes yet. We just transplanted them last night and this morning they still look green and perky. Its in a closet but there is an ac vent in there too. Its about 77* in there. Im not sure of the humidity yet.

    My real plan is going to be a grow tent and a 4 light t-5 set up. Find the right intake and exhaust set up... Well on thats not that expensive. I want to yield something off some good seeds and treat my wife for severe headaches that she frequently gets.

    I just want know what you all think so far for a newb... Ive been lurking on here for a few months.

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  2. Btw I am running 2 23w Cfl, 1450 lumens each and at 6500k per plant so thats 4 total. It says 100w equal . I weighed the pots before and after first watering and have a cheapo gauge for moisture and PH.
  3. Looks good so far. I would lower the lights cant tell how far you have them but if your using CFLs they need to be anywhere from 2-6 inches away from the plant as after that CFL spectrum drops to almost zero. How you will know if your lights are to far is they will start to strech.

    Good luck with the Miracle Grow soil. Stuff overall sucks donkey dick but some make it work. As for nutes well thats another reason Mircle Grow sucks you never know how many nutes are left int he soil since its time released capsules. Go to nute then they release and you have a nutrient festival.

    What is that reflective thing? If its foil trash it just use the box...flat white paint works as well as mylar.

  4. Forget what the equivalnt says that means nothing. What that is in reference to is is what its equal to in brightness to a incandescent bulb. Congress passed a law sometime ago banning them in the future and its so stupid consumers dont freak out. What matters is the wattage.

    With CFLs you need 100 watts the 1st plant about 50 watts the rest. You will add more as time goes on since there spectrum is very localized.
  5. Right on... I figured the MG soil is bullshit but my wife doesnt want me spending much money at first. If I can get these to grow then its on like donkey kong. That MG was $5 compared to the $20-$40 stuff at a local grow store. Thanks for the advice though. I think I will buy a real light in a few weeks too.

    How long would it take to show signs of stress from transplanting them?

    The dude abides. Haha
  6. Stress can radically over rated. If nothing happens and it keeps growing then your good. Cannabis is a highly robust plant. Its nute sensitive but as it gets older it can take alot of punishment.

    Most do what you did transplant from smaller to larger but in reality you dont have to do that at all. After I germinate I put it in its final resting position. The main reason not to is is to ensure you have viable seeds and plants. The two most critical times for any plant is germination and seedling or transportation to your customer say some farmer is buying tomatoes.

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