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  1. I recently got my first grow up and going :).I'm completely new to the grow scene.

    Setup is:

    1 400w mh/hps (wing reflector),Electronic dimmable ballast

    2 6in. inline fans (Intake-Exhaust)

    1 12in. osculating fan

    6 bagseed babies (unsexed)

    I'm about 4 1/2 weeks into veg.Topped one let the rest go.Any comments appreciated !!

    There is some pics (start to now)

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  2. All these views and no posts?
  3. Everyone looks good bro keep it up!
  4. A lil tip.. Measure ur door and grab a piece of panda film and a sticky zipper.. Cheap reflective door, that won't let as much smell out..


    Might help....
  5. Thanks ninetailz! I will check into the zipper door thing. As of now i have some netting there to keep light in and the door has an air tight seal!! Thinking about flowering in a couple days so i can keep them small my first go around.
  6. What strains?
  7. just some bagseed.I plan on ordering some seeds after get the concept down.Just so i dont F things up lol
  8. Decided to go ahead and flower just about 5 weeks,time to start seeing some gender!!!:hello::
  9. you are using the same tote as me!
  10. Lmao! yea i had to take the cheap way so i got a couple totes!
  11. Time to start feeding. The yellowing lower leaves means they've used up their available nitrogen.

    Otherwise, looking good. Try to keep your canopy as even as possible, you said you topped one and let the rest go, the topped one will likely be quite a bit shorter than the rest but it looks like you got the right idea by propping it up higher.

    I like the dividers in the totes, that's definitely a good call as opposed to just planting side by side. Different plants have different nutrient requirements, the divider will allow for more control over the feeding.
  12. Hey Highonthehill!! Thanks for stopping in!! Nice to know im doing ok on my grow,the yellowing of the leaves is from a newbie mistake (Over watering during transplant). I may be wrong but it has only occured that one time......?

    Glad to hear my (HUNCH) was good for lifting the topped one to canopy level+The dividers!!!
  13. A few update pics. Enjoy!:smoking:

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  14. Can any1 tell me why my temps have dropped? was 76-83 with mh switched to hps and they have went as low as 71-73 kinda stumped on it! Any suggestions?
  15. MH bulbs run hotter than HPS. 71-73 isn't bad at all, there's people out there that would love to have those kind of temperatures.

    What are your lights off temps like?
  16. is that ambient room temp or radiant temp? If thats radiant temp make sure the soil isnt too cold.
  17. Thanks HighOnTheHill! Glad to hear everything is good still!! My lights off temps are 68-69 is that bad?
  18. Naw, not too bad. It'll definitely make the colors pop out. I just try to keep the day/night temps within a 10f difference to avoid stressing the girls.

    I had to put off flowering on mine because my lights off temps were getting down to the 50's. Had to invest in a heater before I could flower. Even so, I think mine will drop down to 65f on the coldest nights. Ran a 2 month veg under 24/0 to avoid having to turn out the lights.
  19. Its room temp,air from another room comeing in,how could i warm soil? a heating mat?

  20. Do you have a journal going on that grow?

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