first grow journal. sensi star micro grow.

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    so this is my first plant. my goal was to keep it small with as much bud as possible and i think ive succeeded in that. its about 3 weeks veg, and weeks into flowering.

    started from clone
    fox farms grow big (and lots of it. im using about 2.5 times the recommended amount)
    70 watt HPS
    2 48 watt CFLs
    temps, humidity, and PH all perfect.

    in the first few pics it was in a temporary box. also i just got 2 new clones yesterday. blackberry, and purple head knocker.

  2. What is that purple head knocker a cross of?????
  3. Really nice set up dude. I love the blackberry, great choice of strains. Ill be watching your little micro sir.
  4. i just sold an old guitar so i got to order everything i need for my new setup. 2 400 watt HPS and im building a bubbleponics setup that will hold up to six plants and set it up so i harvest one plant every 10 days.
  5. they look real nice i like the way you made them bud real small how old were they when you put the wire on top or how many nodes?
  6. i had the clone (well rooted when i got it) for about 15-18 days before i flowered it (and added the screen, but i took it off not long after, i like LST better). it was just to get the hang of my hydro setup, i got a really bad mold problem and i lost it. but i have a newer journal with the blackberry, sourdiesle, and super silver haze, check it out.
  7. very nice micro set-up you have going there.

    one comment though regarding your plants, which might be due to your camera anyways - but the last two pictures of the flowering plant that is LST'd look as though it's over-nute'd. how often have you been feeding it?
  8. Ya, nice set up..

    How did that purple head knocker turn out? I also am flowering some right now and was hoping it was good because it sure is looking good.....

    Could you put a link to your new grow?
  9. Hi

    I am the person who initially cultivated the Purple Head Knocker.

    It is a cross of Durban Poison x Arcata Trainwreck.

    I only gave beans to one person and 8 clones to another.

    If one of these 2 people gave you a clone, you are a lucky person, indeed :)

    Unlike the Trainwreck, it is not a hard plant to grow, but it does take some attention to details.

    The high will nail you to the floor for a few hours, IMHO, very similar to a kush.

    In any case, enjoy.

    Jah Rastafari
    Your Grandfather

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  10. Okay, I won't be chatty Kathy here, but I would like to share a few pictures with you guys.

    Once I stabilized the phenotype, I really had some fun.

    Yields are quite good, IMHO.

    Enjoy the eye candy boys & girls :)

    I'm gone :wave:

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  11. Mine did not turn purple. my mendo purps and purple kush did... I let it flower for 70 days, so i am not sure if it was mature or not .have not got to try it yet though...
    Thanks for the info...
  12. sadly that clone never rooted. i got it from elcamino welness center in sacramento. i was really pissed it didnt make it.

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