First Grow Journal. Royal Flush in a PC.

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  1. What's going on GC. So this is my first grow and I'm pretty siked! Currently I have 5 Royal Flush plants growing in a PC I modded out. Currently the plants are 14 days old from the day they sprouted a taproot and I put them in rockwool cubes. I have been watering them with bottled water and 3 days ago I put them on an 18/6 light cycle. Here are some pictures, enjoy:)
    Any and all questions/comments appreciated.




  2. Question: The first seedling pictured is somewhat deformed, why is that? Also, how come one is much shorter and underdeveloped than the others?
  3. Day 17.

    So of the 2 runts of the litter, the deformed one is growing faster, but still deformed. The other is growing nicely but very slow. The other 3 are growing strong and look nice, past the first node now :) I'm thinking that at about week three, 4 more days, I'm going to get rid of the deformed plant, if it doesn't improve. Because I need more space to transplant the others into bigger pots. I added another CFL for a day, but it got too hot so I decided to remove it and I think 3 will be okay. Well here's some pics of the progress. Enjoy.





  4. Day 21

    Well they seem to be growing steadily. No signs of sex yet.. hopefully they show before their too big too all fit. I've decided to keep the deformed one because its growing better now. At this rate ill probably transplant at the end of next week and get rid of 1 plant. Then they'll be gettin their scrog on! ;) For now

    2013-01-12 18.39.25.jpg

    2013-01-12 18.39.47.jpg

    I need to get a thermometer to measure temp and humidity, tomorrow. I water them probably like every 2 days w/ bottled water still. Gonna try to install an exhaust fan tomorrow. Here's some pics of the progress. Enjoy.
  5. Oh I'm enjoying. Please post your yield pics. I'll be waiting like Fry's dog.
  6. [quote name='"PancakesHouse"']Oh I'm enjoying. Please post your yield pics. I'll be waiting like Fry's dog.[/quote]

    Thanks!! Glad someones tuning in!
  7. Day 21
    So their still growin along nicely, added an exhaust fan to my pc, its the top one. Also finally got a thermometer w/ humidity lvl. Well, on to the pics.

    2013-01-14 19.06.50.jpg

    2013-01-14 19.07.01.jpg

    2013-01-14 19.07.22.jpg

    2013-01-14 19.07.44.jpg

    2013-01-14 19.08.05.jpg

    2013-01-14 19.08.25.jpg
  8. Day 22
    Just transferred the fastest growing plant to a new "pot". When I took it out of the small square "pot" it was in, the root system was impressive, to say the least, I think its time to transplant the others. I'm gonna have to get rid of atleast 2 to make space, I wish I knew their sex already, I don't wanna take a chance w/ just 3 plants :/

    2013-01-14 23.08.38.jpg
  9. Day 26
    Just a quick update with some pics. I got rid of the slowest growing plants and the deformed one and kept the three fastest growing. I transferred the fastest growing 2 days ago, then the third fastest yesterday and today the second fastest. Anyways, here's some pics of the progress. Still maintaining temp at 69-70 with humidity in thr 40-50% range.

    2013-01-17 22.48.45.jpg

    2013-01-17 22.48.34.jpg

    2013-01-17 22.48.20.jpg

    2013-01-17 22.48.06.jpg
  10. Day 28

    Today I started LST on the plants since they were getting pretty close to the lightbulbs. I simply taped on of the leaves to the edge of the pots. Temp is still in the low 70's and humidity in the 40-50% range. Their looking great and no signs of nute deficiency or nething!! :) hopefully they show signs of sex soon! I have a 33.33% chance so I'm keepin my fingers crossed X) Once I find out which are female, ill be scroggin! :) Now!, Here's some pics!

    2013-01-20 18.59.28.jpg

    2013-01-20 18.59.06.jpg

    2013-01-20 18.47.00.jpg
  11. Day 29/30:

    Well from the pics you can see now that I have added a screen to start scrog:D. Still growing healthy and temp between 70-78F and humidity between 60-65%. On to the pics..

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  12. Day 31/33:

    Okay, so day 31 the plants are still growing good, scrogging is going fine, and im keeping them low and away from the light. Temp/Humidity still good.

    Day 33: Heres where one of my plants has started to yellow. Now I think that its from overwatering, but idk, it could also be a Nitrogen defficiency from what I've been reading. Anyone have any ideas?

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  13. Day 35!!!

    Okay GC I need some help now.

    As you can see from the pics, my plants have continued yellowing and one is completely yellow. Even some of the leaves have started browning on the edges. I tested the Ph and it was 7.0, neutral. I think it may be from over watering, but i tested for nutrient levels of Nitrogen, Phosphate and potassium and they were really low. So today i added 1/4 recommended dose of Vigoro brand Nutes. Hopefully if it wasn't over watering and it was low nitrogen these nutes will help. SO questions.. If it was low nute levels that yellowed my plants, how long should it take my nutrients too kick in and start helping my plants look better? If it was over watering, what can i do to solve the problem? I haven't watered them in 2 days, i only occasionally mist them to keep humidity levels stable. Also i topped my plants 2 days ago as you can see in some of the pics, there is some growth coming from the cut site.

    THanks GC

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  14. Best of luck mate!
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    For some help! :/

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