First Grow Journal: NL and SSH (closet grow)

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    Hi everyone, today i am starting my second attempt at growing but my first time growing a sativa dominant plant. I have 1 Northern light plant that is 2 and a half weeks old and 2 SSH that have just sprouted. Ive decided to just keep vegging my NL in till my SSH are also ready to flower.

    I will be using :

    3 two gallon buckets

    Regular soil with compost

    Two 54w T5 tubes for veg

    One 150w HPS with 5 26w Daylight CFL's for flowering

    Mylar on the wall and back of cardboard wall.

    Grow big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom will be my nutrients.

    Mad Magazine's and Simpson comics for stacking. :cool:

    Wish me luck!

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  2. lookin good im also using a a 150w hps system with t5 for veg im currently in week 7 of flowering check it out if u want its on page three of indoor jounals called "was up gc first grow s.m and b.b but my s.m didnt make it gl on your grow

  3. thanks will do

    glad to know im not the only one!
  4. page 4 my bad
  5. Got my HPS today, i am feeling a little anxious though. it came in the mail in its original box, which would have been ok, but they delivered it to the leasing office where i had to go and get it and have some secretary hand it to me.

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  6. lol hell na was an akward exchanged did she look at you funny

  7. kind of, but where i live its not that unusual. It was just very awkward (gonna cross my fingers and hope she smokes the herb)
  8. that ill keep her quiet
  9. Good luck! Looks like a nice little setup, NL is a great strain when you are starting out as it puts up with more abuse than a lot of others - where were the seeds from?
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    on a side note

    how much does vegging 3 weeks(8 1/2inch tall with 6 nodes) affect your yield? because ive seen some people only going 2 weeks and even 12/12 from seed.

    Im only looking for 7g-14g per plant.
  11. That should boost the yeild quite a bit. You need to be careful with NL as it can grow to be quite tall, you may need to look at topping the plants out a bit to make it more bushey. You should be able to acheive 7-14g easily

  12. thanks for the advice man, so i started flowering at 8.5in so the tallest it should get is like 2 - 2.5 ft i think, but yea topping is a very good idea considering im using a 150 and don't want my bottom branches to get to far away. But i was prepared for that, i have plenty of cfls :hello:
  13. Flowering- Day 1

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  14. Haha yea man any time I buy anything that has to do with grow ops I'm always afraid of sketch deliveries like that, one time I had a box that said '' right on the box and I accidentally shipped it home to my parents house (billing address)

    Luckily I managed to catch the UPS guy outside and stashed it in my car before anything happened.

    I have missed seed deliveries like 2 times too, had to drive to post office to pick it up... thats always fun.. waiting in line to pick up something illegal, lol.

  15. hey thanks for stopping by :wave:

    You had to pick your beans up at the post office twice? :eek: thats rough !
  16. Flowering- Day 3

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  17. Dude those are looking sweet!

  18. Thanks man! cant wait to see some hairs.

    got 2 updates today

    Flowering day 5 for my NL and my SSH are 8 days into veg

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  19. Flowering- Day 7

    So i checked my closet this morning and there were some hairs on her! check it out

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  20. Looking real good

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