First grow journal. DWC calikits. 600hps

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  1. Ok so I bought the calikits dwc with 600 watt hps. The customer service seems good so far. In addition to that we bought 4 moby dick feminized seeds for the first grow. We also have 1 additional seed that we put in rockwool and dirt which just came in a baggy we think it is Mozar because we where told it was Mozart or at least that's what we heard. Definitely good stuff though.

    Grow room: the grow room 8'w x 6'd x 9'h. Two walls are made from a silver tarp which we were able to mostly cover with Mylar.

    Air: we currently run the room between 73-80F with humidity at 45% we regulate the temp by opening and closing the entrance to the room as well as a vent on the ceiling that is always very laying room air. For odor control we have a hepa filter commercial unit. A hepa ionic breeze outside the grow room, and a home made hepa/carbon filter made from a box fan. We also run a small ultrasonic humidifier with a ultra violet light to keep the water sterile.

    Water: currently feeding no mutes at all. We are only at about day 7 from seeds. The water is being chilled with a tec or peltier cooler that I glued to the outside of the tub. The water is also being protected from light with silver reflective tape. The air pump that came with the kit is weak so we bought a new quality one and two new air stones so that we can run both pumps which are both on batter backup btw. We manage the ph to 6. I gather that 5.5-5.8 is best but I have drops and can test 4-5-6-6.5-7-8 so it's hard to gauge the real ph if it not exactly one of those. I am planning on buying a ph/ppm meter but haven't read enough about them. Should be ditching the drops soon though. The rockwool was ph soaked 24 hours in 5.5ph and eventually leveled out just under 6. We ran the plants in water through a 7 stage filter before the roots came down just to test but now that roots are in water we have switched to pure reverse osmosis water. Water temp is 68-74F I believe I can get this to a consistent 68 once we rap insulation around it. I'm thinking bubble rap.

    I will post pics in just a minute. I appreciate any help advice the pros here offer during this grow. I have done lots of research and have seems the pros in action but its a lot to take in. I'm trying to do as much as I can without doing so much I jack it all up, lol.

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