First Grow Journal 1000w Fox Farm Soil Smart Pots

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  1. Hello,

    I started a journal on another forum...have been using this site for as long as I can remember.

    So I will just Post the pictures I have taken since germ

    to catch you up...I germ with paper towel all popped within 24hr. moved to small solo cups.
    over watered them with horrible PH (did not have the supplies at first)
    really stunted growth

    I am using now FF Trio 1/4 strength, bumping to 1/2 strength once they dry from todays water PH6.1 + 30ml of hydrogen peroxide (gnats in my region are a pest)

    First two weeks they only had water in a very low nutrition organic soil...tap here is ph8+
    That combined with my over watering really did a number on them...

    I nearly gave up but have corrected my ways and I see a light on the other side...

    speaking of LIGHT 8x26w CFL 4 6500k and 4 soft white

    I will skip to pictures! Please laugh, they are quite funny.

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  3. I started these on Feb 16...I really stunted them. Near death for all of them I thought..thankfully I had read up enough to change things these nutes they are really enjoying....

    You will see a larger one then others soon, she got MG. 1 feeding and blew up. I wanted to test it on just one that was near death and she loved it.

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  4. Photo bomb

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    Forgive the order they upload in, I cant seem to sort them perfectly on this computer. IMG_1565.jpg

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  6. One more small album and we shall be caught up!

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  7. 1more

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  8. I've never done a blog or a grow...all constructive crisicm is much appreciated...if there is any information I am leaving out that would be of use please let me know!

    I would like to document all of this-My goal is to keep one plant alive and at the least yield a dry ounce. =)

    Ok so here we go....

    My girlfriend wanted to plant some veggies and what not...found some bag seed I had stored for a few years...

    Did NOT think they would here we are...

    The container they are in will be out grown soon so I have a nice size closet 7x2x8...I will paint the interior with a ultra white.

    I am looking to upgrade the lighting my region we get up to 105 and humid often

    current temps have been kept around 75-80 RH 50+% Soil temp 72

    PH 6.5 for the run off today along with 100PPM run off from last nights feeding

    Last nights nutes were around 600PPM.

    They were just watered today after they all were very light with Distilled water 6.5, have not gotten calmag yet.

    ANY and all assistance to this noob on his first grow would be so helpful! I plan to knock out this one as practice...then move to hydroponic with a nice LED after this grow..

    However this one will be a little ghetto, debating a tent, found many online for dang cheap prices...right now they are in a closet.

    Thanks and subscribe! I will be sharing every bit of their growth! If you have a journal be sure to say so in a comment so I can read it as well!

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  9. [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]t

    Close ups of the prettier girls

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  10. I plan on gutting this closet where they currently are.

    Painting the interior and hanging a T5/8 need to research what's best.

    Cousin told me to stay away from MH HPS and HID and save for LED after this flouro grow.


    This dividing wall can come out.

    I think this would be easier access for now then a tent. And concealed.

    What lights are safe for closets? I would have to check my attic and see if cutting a hole in the ceiling can happen if I need for exhaust.


    May could rerouted this line into my closer also?

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  11. Does someone know what I am doing to cause the yellowing and curling down?

    I feel I have checked everything =\

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  12. Soil temperature even lower tonight, caught it at 64 and turned on heater to get it back up to mid 70 range.

    The fluctuation in temp isn't helping. Keeping closer eye on that from now on.

    RH 59
    Air temp 77

    Some are looking dry on top will check back in a few hours b

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  13. Well I am learning the ways.

    Plants were damp last night and I refrained from watering. They rewarded me. Most of them are picking up their droopy leaves and I see many now on there next set of leaves.

    New growth is a much greener.

    Original leaves have gained a significant amount of color back also!!!!!

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  14. Damn that's a lot of scrolling.

    Update after feeding last night

    10ml Big Bloom FF
    1ml Grow Big FF
    PH down to 6.5
    PPM >300


    Still damp, will have a watering I'm sure by later this afternoon.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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  15. Just placed a order. [​IMG]

    Will add this to there feeding starting Saturday.

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  16. Just fed the girls. All except the one in a red solo cup. She was still damp.

    Bumped up nutes

    20ml Big Bloom
    3ml Grow Big
    2.5ml CaliMagic
    1.5ml Silica Blast

    PPM >600
    PH 6.2

    RUN OFF 6.5

    Room temp 78
    Soil 70
    RH 35

    Will get some pictures soon

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Most have gotten there green back.

    They were in the verge of dying till I got the nutrients and PH +-

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  17. Got upgraded to 1000 w HPS, ballast and nicely sealed vented hood also a inline fan.

    Ordered adapter I was missing and it'll be here tomo.

    No idea how I'm rigging my closet now. I do need help. Any advice would be great.


    And a big bag of FFOF and 15 new pots I'll be transplanting this weekend.

    Some of the girls are really shooting up. Some are kinda behind and one or two of them have browning rusty like color on first set of leaves.

    There all getting PH 6.5 tap for now.

    Been two waterings since I fed because another forum said I nuked them? At half strength of the FF schedule for their seedling dose.

    Not sure how.

    I'm still learning and researching the everyday tho to figure out what's going on.

    Really cut back on watering too.

    Anyways the closet I have is 2x7x8 and I have a AC unit connected to that room which I can reroute the ducting to come into my closet and drop down to the bottom to cool the floor.

    The exhaust from the light hood I think may need to go up into the attic. It's about 20 ft from a garage also. Would I want to run it and drop exhaust to garage?

    Back to watching some vids. Looking for a set up tutorial.

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  18. looking better man!
  19. Thank you! It's gonna be a fun ride. I can keep updates going.

    First grow so any honesty and tips or "dos and don't" shares are helpful.

    I have stayed plugged in to this site and plus a few books and hours of vid.

    But I am still very nervous haha

    Plus about to put them in the new FFOF soil is going to be a wild week hopefully it all goes well

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  20. I could show you how my closet is set up! I have the same size closet but mine is 6 feet long 2 deep and 8 feet high. I have a 36x20x62 tent Marshydro 600 278 draw, Apollo 4" inline cf, 4" v-teck booster fan 100 CFMs going from my window down into the top port past my light. Have a 4" clip fan that circulates the fresh air coming into my tent. My temps with lights out is 65° to 70° with lights on it's 72° to around 79° RH is 35 to 50! Good Luck with your Grow! I hope these pictures help or give you some kind of idea. I'm going to make a template out of my central air conditioning vent so I could just put my ducking right on top of my vent and when the central gets turned on it will go right into my tent! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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