First Grow - jd's autoflowers EasyRyder and BlueRyder

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    Yo Grasscity! Welcome to my first grow. I have (5) Easy Ryder [Fem] and (10) Blue Ryder [Reg]. I have already germinated all 15 seeds, so far 14 have popped waiting for the last one in another day or so. Here is an idea of my equipment...

    400 watt MH
    400 watt NextGen digital ballast
    SS Yieldmaster Supreme reflector
    2' x 4' x 7" Planter tray
    recycled res setup with simple tubes and drippers



    Flower: (under construction)
    1000 watt HPS
    SS Yieldmaster Supreme reflector
    2' x 4' x 7" Planter tray
    Ebb N flow design


    Currently I am on day 3 from seed. Here is how the girls are looking:


    Thank you for taking the time and interest to check out my grow. Feel free to leave any questions, input or criticism.

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    Here's a little update - Day 10 (also have some new white widows in the back):

  3. Lookin like a good start, cant wait to see the turnout:hello:
  4. likewise :smoke: thanks man!
  5. Day 16 -

    Easy Ryder

    Two Easy Ryders

    Blue Ryder

  6. Yeah man looking good for the first grow.

    I wish I would of had lots of money on my first grow.
  7. Day 19 - Borrowed a digital SLR camera from a friend. These are from two days ago, ill get some fresh ones up sometime this week, enjoy!

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  8. never seen those grow bags before, are they mesh? do they allow roots to grow through?

    I've only seen bags like that used by dirt growers. apparently the roots grow through and air-prune, causing more lateral root growth. just wondering if yours are similar.

    looking great so far man.
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    The bags are made by a company called High Caliper. Its basically a felt like material they stitch up and call Smart Pots. The bags do allow the roots to grow through and they allow for great oxygen exchange for the roots. I bought them at my local grow store for pretty cheap. I have four 2 gallon bags and the rest are 1 gallon. thanks, enjoying it. :smoke:


    Container Gardening, Hydroponic Gardening with Smart Pots Fabric Containers
  10. Klock They look awesome man , How often do you drip... for how long? I really dig the grow rocks =) I'm subscribed
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    Hey thanks a ton Hype! Right now I only have it drip once a day for 60 seconds. The drip nozzles can be changed to 1, 2 or 3 gallons per hour, so I can adjust them as the plants grow. Since this is my first grow and I am still trying to learn, my hydro system is always being tweaked and is not fully automated just yet. enjoy!

    Recently some of my plants took some minor nutrient burn. I have been using 1/2 strength solution. I waited a day, then flushed them with clean regular water. I did not water them yesterday which brings me to today. Should I continue to flush them with clean water or should I mix 1/4 strength solution and gradually work back up? Any input is appreciated!
  12. I usually go with plain water until I see the first signs of yellowing, but I'd say you could probably do 1/4 strength and be fine.
  13. Just gave the girls some PH'd plain water (6.0). I think I am going to let them soak it up for a day then start the 1/4 strength mix. Thanks for the input Unc!

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