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First grow.. Jasmine x Trainwreck

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by doom3crazy, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Here she is after one week. How is she looking?
    Im using MG seed starting soil and two 27w 5000k daylight bulbs. Planning on getting two more 27watters in a couple weeks.

  2. bump! How is my plant looking Grasscity? Is the way I have the bulbs setup ok?
  3. Is this a week from germination or from breaking ground? Lights are much too far away. CFLs need to be 1-3 inches from the plant. You need a fan to circulate air, strengthen stem and to allow the lights to get close. If this is a week from germ looks fine, a week from breaking ground....tiny. As long as temps and humidity are under control the more lights the better. Good luck.
  4. ya this is a week from when we planted it with its lil tail. But ya question, you see how my lights are pointing outward? If I lower it closer to the plant will it still work? or the lights need to be directly above the plant?
  5. like he said just get them lights closer and a fan of any size just to blow air on them, and build a reflector , like take a monster can or somthing shiny poke a hole in the center and slide the plug thru it and let it sit on your lights, you do that and your plant should get all the available light
  6. Hey man, so what you want to do is get it so one of those bulbs is about an inch or two away from that seedling. at this point that one light will be enough to get it started and as it gets a little bigger you can position the two lights to max out your available light, But at this point it can only handle so much light.
  7. I ended up moving my lights around, do you think this looks better?

  8. try to tilt them more sideways, more light comes from the sides
  9. it dont look bad at all, what kind of water are u using? whats the temp? i would deff put a fan in there to get some air circulated
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    I couldnt really get the lights tilted how I wanted, so I moved it back the way I had it. Is this low enough?

  11. Just my opinion....move them back the way they were. You need more direct light within close proximity.
  12. SO many ways, haha, which to choose... which to choose...:p
  13. I added a fan.

  14. This would be perfect if you could just get that last 45 degrees lol. I would say put it like that and move it to the other side of the pot so it's shining right into the pot. Your plants will start to turn their heads toward the light though so until you find a way to make the lights perpendicular to the plant, keep turning the pot so it doesn't grow to one side much.
  15. I added a reflector, will this help, or should i still swtich it back to the other setup, and keep turning the pot every so often?


  16. Here she is at day 9. How is she lookin? As far as size and everything...

  17. nice reflector, nice too see you gettin the hang of growing and it looks allittle small but it will take off soon, whats the temp out now with that reflector?
  18. Not exactly sure ha. I need to go get a temp meter.

    Also with that reflector, is the plant still getting all the light it needs? Even tho the bulbs are pointing away from it?
  19. i wouldnt see why it wouldnt, you could always get one big ass cfl in there like mine i got a 46w actual or you can go all the way up too 100w actual, i got mine at home depot
  20. word. I may just buy 2 more 27w cfl daylight bulbs and buy a y splitter.

    But so im on day 9 and ive been doing a straight 24/0 cycle, should I start doin like 18/6 now?

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