First she ready to harvest???(PICS)

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  1. Well this plant has been transported a few times and it was planted alittle late so it is very small(I also didnt dig a big enough hole). I just started using molasses today, but im just not sure when the time is right to harvest? I hear people talking about when 50-75% of the trichs are amber?? I dont really know how to tell that heres a few pics.

    Also I am growing them in Northern Pennsylvania do you think that the little bit of purple on the plants is due to the cold weather?

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  2. Give it couple more weeks. I can see alot of white hairs. Wait til 75% are amber.:wave:
  3. You need to wait a few weeks. It's hard to tell from a pic. The best way to tell is to get a jewelers loop kind of magnifier. Look closely at the trichomes (crystals). There is a bubble at the tip of each trichome you see. During their grow cycle they go from clear to cloudy to amber. Buds are ready anywhere from when they are mostly cloudy and a few clear, to half and half cloudy and amber. I like mine when they are just starting to show amber. Like 1 in 10 trichomes will be amber.
    If you don't have a magnifier you can go by when the hairs die off. When half or so have shriveled seems to be an avg. time to pic. This method is not near as accurate as checking the trichomes.

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