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first grow indoors

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by wazoo42o, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. This is my first grow indoors and my plants are the size i want them before i try to bud so recently i have been doing 12/12 and when i started out i did extended darkness.

    I want your opinions on how to better my set up. The reason it is the way it is right now is because of lack of money







  2. My next grow i want to do a screen of green set up or find a cheap way to go mh/hps but i don't know the first thing about ballasts.
  3. I started them from seeds from some mid grade that i really liked. I think i see a few pistols on the biggest one.
  4. For water i am using captured rain water for added nutes, the soil is miracle grow root formula
  5. I am aware that I should probably go hydro and get a descent strain and get some better lights and probably a little fertilizer
  6. It's all about personal preference. I'm not a fan of hydro. Had a few grows with it. I just like soil a lot better. And next grow try a 5 gal bucket and attach the scrog set up to it. Works like a charm and your plant has ample root room with a 5gal bucket

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  7. What do you think about the lights? 3 100w cfl's. I want more lighting i am just looking for the most affordable way to do it
  8. Also if any of you are good at guestimating yield could you give me an idea because it looks like at this size i would get less then 1/2 oz and that would be quite unfortunate but i am ready to be done with this crop and start my second grow
  9. I had a few harvests with 6 CFLs, basically the more the better but if you get a nice supply of money I'd drop it on an HPS set up that way you can use the CFLs till flowering time then have a seperate room for budding with the HPS light

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  10. And you'll get a good amount dude no worries. Stick it out and let it fatten up.

    Side note when you switch to 12/12 that plant will be double in size come harvest time. I suggest some LST

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  11. The "100" watt CFL's you have are 100 watt equivalent. its still not as bright as a true 100 watts. All 4 together like you have equals about 100 watts. I've read 100 watts per plant. So looks to me like you need more light. Looks good so far nice, green, and healthy.
  12. All three turned out to be males... Fine with me. Better luck next time.
  13. All 3?? No fucking way dude?? Thats terrible!!
  14. Check out my grow wazoo42o I have the same setup as your's pretty much & have only three plants too, that are mid grade seeds. I'm only running 4 16watt =85Watt equivalent bulbs but i'm looking into getting some better ones. here are some cheap really good bulbs, about six and you will be set. 42-Watt (200W) Daylight Twist CFL Light Bulb-ESL40TN/D at The Home Depot
    That's my 2 cents, and happy growing! Also next grow I'm thinking of going hydro! :)
  15. Lol idk why im not just asking on your thread but w/e how much are those bulbs?? The link isnt working right on my phone
  16. $7.97 /EA-Each
  17. Not a bad price at all, and it only burns 42watts but puts out over 200Watts :O
  18. And how hot do they get?
  19. Yeah they must get hot eh?
  20. nope not really as long as you've got an exhaust fan or some type of air flow in your grow box, you will be fine. It gets hot when you have alot of confined bright lights in a small area with no air flow at all, and will kill your plants and also stop them from growing.

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