First grow indoor with CFL and Cabinet. 2x Northern Lights (SCROG)

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    Hi growers, this is my first time grow at all, so I might need help. Thanks :). I searched all over the internet in 3 months before I started to order seeds and look for cabinet. I first ended up with my computer carton case, but I changed my mind and modified a black cabinet with mylar inside. 
    Size: 38" x 20" x 20"
    Soil: Fox Farm Organic
    Nutes: Dyna-gro (bloom, pro-tek, grow) any advice on the amounts and when to feed them?
    Exhaust: 1 x 120mm PC fan. I will build a DIY ONA odor killer machine with some soil moist+water+ONA,with 120mm pc fan exhaust.
    Intake: 2 x 120mm PC fan
    Lights: 2 x 23w 6500k CFL for now. Im gonna build a CFL fixture with 8 bulbs.
    For veg: 4 x 23w 6500k, 2 x 150w 6500k, 2 x 23w 2700k
    For flowering: 6 x 23w 2700k, 2 x 150w 2700k
    Is that enough lights amounts for my grow cabinet?
    I got 5 Northern Lights seeds from Nirvana and only grow 2 this time to see how it goes first. They also give me 10 freebies as complimentary. Very nice :)
    Seeds got sprouts after 24 hours but I kept it a lil longer before move it to 3 gal bucket. Finally, I moved them to 3 gal bucket on 11/13/14 at 21:00. Lets see my work, I might need some advice on how to SCROG these 2 plants in my box.
       3 days from seeds
    my cabinet
    1 week from seeds[​IMG][​IMG]
    DIY fixtures and DIY silencer for the double exhaust!
    [​IMG]The very first micro grow box made by me, I got 4 CFL bulbs and 2 intake + 1 exhaust for this computer carton case. Thanks for watching my post, I will need a lot of advice guys, please follow me. Im just wondering how much yield can I get for this set up? :)

  2. You wont know the yield until its ready to harvest then possible to only estimate, its like being a kid and opening gifts on christmas a BIG nice surprise. If its your first grow try not to tamper or overwater it and im pretty sure with fox farm you dont need nutes atleast for 3 weeks. Might want to google that shiz goodluck dude.
  3. Oh and thats tinfoil right? if you get more lights remove it it might compromise your babies, heard mylar or white paint or some kinda emergency blanket is more ideal ofc im a hypocrite i didnt do any of those to my box yet haha
  4. Its actually emergency blankets dude. Thanks man. I wont add nutes until 3rd week. Gonna get used 250w hps today on Craigslist. Peace out
  5. I can't see the full size of your images, am I the only one here?  :eek:
  6. I think the pics just are that small ;)
  7. i have fixed the images. :)
  8. hahah oh my bad good job dude
  9. indikah...chill. not every1 has as much money to spend on a HID or even a proper grow tent like some people. This is under micro grows for a reason. Now don't get me wrong if he WERE abit more serious he would go get some bulbs. but we don't know his situation that could possibly be limiting him from doing so. But so far your doing great man subbed and along for the ride! and great cabinet BTW :metal:  :hello:
  10. Let's try to keep this on the topic of the OP's grow...
    Yes...there are lots of things to discuss with regards to growing, and everyone isn't always on the same page, but there are other places to discuss these things...
    bcr2 is trying to show off and chronicle his grow...let's keep this thread about that please...
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    bcr is making quite the pretty little grow, I do apologize for the thread hijack.
 can tell how I feel about light intensity...consider putting a reflective SOMETHING directly above the lights. Even though reflective materials have inefficiencies, the closer the reflective material to the bulb, the less light lost, and the less intensity lost as it travels back to the plants.

    Fans...if they're keeping it cool enough, and you're opening the door for quite a while every day, with access to fresh air, you're OK.

    Reflective materials: don't use mylar unless your heat is REALLY controlled. Great high efficiency reflecting material, but INVENTED to reflect and contain heat.
    For future reference, for silencers, consider mounting fans with a "gasket" of foam rubber, well compressed. Sound comes from vibration creating waves. Dull the vibration transferred to the wall of the box, less area vibrating to create sound waves, less noise.
  12. Thanks guys for stoping by, im gonna have a little update soon when its 2 week. Theres nothing change much. Build some DIY CO2 for the babies. I think im gonna grow perpetually. 6 weeks veg/8 weeks flowering(is that a good time?)
  13. I just got some reflective material from DAISO for $1.5/each. It says: heat preservative.

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  14. Thanks bro. Welcome to my chillaxing place :) gonna build the silence box for the fan, maybe a rubbermaid box or some old speaker box with acoustic foam? Using insulated ducting to kill some vibration. Then ONA bucket when the smell comes. Lets wait to see if my googled knowledge works well in this grow. Peace!
  15. Yah bro. I've just got a used 250w MH light kit for $70. it should be good for veg. Im considering buying a HPS conversion bulb to use with this MH ballast. Would it work? Lest chill and see these babies growing. Im expecting 2oz/each.
  16. hey again 6 weeks veg is exactly how long im going for too but thats because I expect my oldest 2 girls to hit 18-20 inches tall by then it all depends how big you want the end result to be, gonna follow please update pics so we can see those girls  :smoke:
  17. For first 2 plants im gonna do 4 weeks veg, then 6 weeks veg all the way for the next grow. Im gonna use LST, TOP, FIM and apply the screen on later
  18. Needn't go to even that much expense and trouble.

    A little more than half your fan noise is vibration caused by the air itself as the fan pushes it. The rest is your duct vibrating. Plain old foam rubber, either the denser the better when you buy it, or compressed to firm but not rock hard where it attaches to or passes through any walls fixes vibration passed to walls, which creates a LOT of noise. Plain old window screen, separated by about 2 inches, 6-10 panels of it (so I mean cut duct, stretch screen over it, band clamp duct back together, every 2 to 6 inches) breaks up wind, reducing direct noise. Use my "redneck filtration", the filters help do the same.

    If it's still too noisy, wrap it in plain old bubble wrap and nail the bubble wrap to plywood. Cheap, kinda ghetto, but works like a charm.
  19. Awesome bro. Im gonna use these advice to kill the noise then im good to go perpetual for forever. Lol. Photos update tomorrow. :)
  20. A little update about my babies. Its been 12 days seen germ, they seem very good, except one of the babies has some curve symptom. I fed them 2 times with water+ 1 lil bit of Dyna Grow and Pro-tekt. 
    pH of water/nute: 6.0
    runnoff pH: 7.0
    Temp: 78F-85F at day
                70F-ish at night
    another baby is doing well ! I cant wait to see it bloom!!!!!
    this baby has a lil curve leave problem, doesnt it?
    I have some nice micro photos for you guys to look at. Enjoy! Its gonna be full of nice photos in this thread! so pull up a chair and join me! thanks

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