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    Hey All,
    This is a long post...sorry!
    This is my first grow and I'll be doing so indoors and with an organic medium.  It will be a couple of weeks before I really kick things off as finals are just around the corner and I'll need to have time to prep my space and gather my equipment.
    However,  I'd like to outline my goals, methods, ideas and lingering questions.  I welcome any advice or concerns over those things mentioned.  Hopefully, in the end the results will speak for themselves. (Good or Bad!)
    While not attempting to "count my chickens" I would like to make a guess/expectation of return on this first post, so that hopefully I can look back and either laugh at myself or laugh because I'm so high from all the extra weed I grew. 
    I would like to achieve a 200g wet weight output from each plant, adjusting to around 135g.  (A 32.5% water loss).  That may sound high, but I'll list the methods I hope to utilize to achieve that.
    Plants: BlackJack and Urban Poison. (Seed from Nirvana)
    Time Frame: Veg Cycle - 40 Days  Flower Cycle:  75 Days (Or when pistols retreat / Trichomes look appropriate for the breed)
    Space:  48"x28"x112"  (4x2.5x9.5)
    # Plants: 2
    Primary Method: SIP w/pot stacking
    Supplemental Methods: LST / Curved Scrog - Super Cropping
    Primary Lighting: 400w MH/HPS
    Supplemental Lighting:  Two LED 14w 12'' x 12'' Red and Two LED 14w 12'' x 12'' Blue (That's 4 LED panels)
    Light Cycle: 
    Days 1-10: LED Blue 24 Hours | LED Red 12/12 | MH 10/14
    Days 11-35: LED Blue 24 Hours | LED Red 18/6 | MH 18/6
    Days 35-40: LED Blue 18/6 | LED Red 24 Hours | MH 24 Hours
    Days 41-75: All lights 12/12.
    Days 76-95: Blue LED's Off - Others 12/12
    Days 96-110: All Lights On 12/12
    Days 111-115: First 2 Days Flush | Last 3 days no water and total dark.
    (The idea behind this method, and it may seem arbitrary - in some ways it is - but there is a logic to it.  Blue light is more easily absorbed and utilized by plants, and as young plants I guess I relate it to breast feeding.  Breast feeding isn't full of veggies and fruits, it's full of proteins and fat, in the same regards blue light is more of a burst of fat and protein for which to grow.  Over time I'll ween the plant toward a more Red dependent cycle.  All the while maintaining more intensities from the MH/HPS for the broader and more focused spectrum.  This guess work would be a lot easier if companies started putting in their lights PAR value.)
    I have been reading a lot about Duel Arc lights and Flowering with MH instead of HPS.  After looking over the HPS black body curves it does kinda make sense, since most seem to be in the yellow and not the red - seeing as carotinoids aren't the focus of flowering growth seems like MH or Duel Arc might be an interesting switch.
    Soil: 2/5 FoxFarm: Ocean Forest  | 2/5 FoxFarm: Happy Frog | 1/5 FoxFarm: Original  (There isn't much reason for the overlap in Original nutrients and the others, more so that I could check out all the soils right away and get a better feel for what they are and how I like them.)
    Containers: 7 Gallon Smart Pots in 10 Gallon Smart Pots (Perlite 3" on the bottom of 10 Gallon) both stacked pots sitting in a 7" deep water tray.
    In-Line Fan: WhisperLine 120 CFM (Have to strip a plug so I can hook this up to a plug for putting into a timer which is in an outlet strip)
    Filter: Phresh Filter 4x12
    Muffler: VenTech FS4
    Orca Film
    Blackout Cloth
    Ducting / Duct Reducers
    Clip Fans 6" (2)
    PH Digital Pen
    Digital Thermometer/Barometer
    3M Foil Tape
    Black Plastic Tarp
    So, that's the stuff I'll be buying and using - some might seem like over kill but I really have to run my shit sound, scent and light free so I'm taking a lot of precautions. 
    The idea behind my grow method and the reason I hope to get about 135g per plant, is that I'll be focusing on vegging for a longer period, stress training early on and creating several nodes through super cropping.  Allowing the plant to grow up along a U shaped screen at the outer walls of my grow room while still being able to stretch upward from the main stem.  Hopefully I can get larger plants with more branches so when its time to flower the stretch really sets in.  We'll see though.  I might be smoking stems and leaves at the end of it all.
    Anyway, that's it.  Please let me know if you have suggestions, comments or concerns as I'm always open to new information!
    Thanks for reading!

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    Haha.  I'm glad I have the above post as a reminder of the best laid plans.  Pretty much none of that applies anymore.  Decided to go with mixing my own soil and getting my hands dirty. 
    Found a sticky suggesting a two stage soil and multiple transplants.  After a lot of research and some good advice I've decided to stick with this and see how it goes.  I like this idea for the main reason that I can sprout and plug right away while my hole soil cooks and by the time that's ready I can transplant from the 1G to the 3G.
    Pot Sizes:  2" Cubes -> 4" Pots -> 1 Gallon SP -> 3 Gallon SP -> 10 Gallon SP
    Sprout Mix  
    (4" & 1G Pots)
    \n37.5% Jiffy Mix
    37.5% EWC
    25% Vermiculite
    Total 4 Gallons
    (Courtesy of Dank
    Hole Mix
    (3G & 10G SP)
    \nBase Mix
    25% Peat - 15% Coco Coir
    15% EWC - 10% Compost - 10% Humus
    10% Rice Hulls - 10% BioChar - 5% Pumice
    Total 40 Gallons
    \n(Courtesy LD
    I know I don't need that many different ingredients but it seems the aeration is interchangeable and there isn't any real science to picking a compost or humus outside of good quality, so I thought I would get smaller amounts of various ingredients just to start getting familiar with them.
    Crustacean Meal
    Kelp Meal
    Neem Cake
    Karanja Cake
    Brix Blend Basalt
    Gypsum Dust
    Glacial Rock Dust
    Oyster Shell Flour
    \nThe Above Amendments are a package deal from BuildASoil - both the minerals and the nutrients.  I'm sure most of you are aware of this mix.  It's Lumperdawgz mix.  I thought someone was watching me when I first found it - since I literally had LD's old stickies up guiding me to search out nutrients.
    Mycorrhizae Spore Blend
    Bat Guano (Already have this - 1/4 recommended amount for soil - mostly used for teas)
    Perilite (Already have this)
    \nGrow Equipment
    Instead of building out a closet I just decided to buy a 4x2x5 tent and grow 3 Fem GodBerry (My main order is all regular beans and I want to have a successful grow before I tackle sexing and possibly breeding - not to invent something cool but to have more beans =) )
    600W LED - 405 Par @ 16" so I'm thinking I can pull close to 600 Par at 10"
    2 - 125W CFLs (2700 & 6500)
    Plants: 3
    Going to FIM at 4th set and then scrog.
    SIP - I really like the idea of this method and yet to read anything bad on this.
    Found this kickass item I'm excited to try:
    That's pretty much it, mostly just posting the soil and updating some equipment.  Waiting for my stuff to get here.
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    Haha.  Yes, very much so.  The exact reason I'm starting out with a heavy Indica. :)
    I have a good majority of my equipment, my light showed up today but I'm still waiting on my beans.  This last post was mostly just a post to see if anyone would give feedback on the soil.
    I plan a lot as a means to make sure I'm learning correctly.  Hopefully, it will play out.
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  4. Got most of my equipment.  Waiting on beans.
    Decided to go with 3cuft Peat / 3cuft Happy Frog Soil conditioner / 3cuft Pumice and buildasoils clack mix which has 4 different meals and 4 different rock dusts.  Using 5 gallon buckets to mix soils in batches. 
    The hardest part I've found of setting up a tent is getting the blower to hang correctly.  It's only a 4x2x5, which I was skeptical about getting - tall tent next time for sure.  Ducting was difficult because the in/out ports on the blower weren't deep enough to fully attach the ducting with tape - but it worked out in the end.  Found a way to hang the blower with a single bungie cord, seems to be working so far.
    Running the setup on my timers for the next few days just to make sure everything works well. 
    Hopefully, I'll get my last order by next weekend and I can start sprouting.
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  6. Yo!  I like your plan(s)!  I'm eager to see how this turns out!  I'll be doing my first indoor grows along with you! :D  Although, I don't have a master plan really lol.  I'm just winging it!
    I was also looking into that SIP kind of setup.  Was thinking of making something like an Earthbox, or self watering/wicking kind of bucket too!  Pretty interesting.
    Anyway, I'll stay tuned for sure!
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  7. Thanks guys!  Though the way it looks it's going to end before it begins.
    My soil conditioner is on its way and is the last thing I need supplies wise, but my beans are still sitting at the port of entry.  I have a feeling since they have been there for about 7-8 days, that it's not going to make it here.  A little bummed but I guess it happens.  Gonna give it a couple more days before looking elsewhere.
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    Hopefully the seeds get here ok!  I know what you're going through man!
    Got mine taken a couple months ago too.  It never happened with my first grow, so I thought it was ok, but I do guaranteed stealth shipping now.  Crossing my fingers for you though!
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    All's good dude!
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  10. Looking over my cities water report.
    Almost 400 ppm of Chlorine and 8.0 Ph.  God damn it.
    The guys in the organic forum were tellin me the ph isn't a problem.  I'm leaving my water out in big 5g buckets to release the chlorine.  Seems to be working alright so far.  We'll see how the girls react to it over time.  Don't have the budget for a RO right now ;(
  12. I've found a good way to dechlorinate my water.  My soil has been sitting for about 2 weeks cooking and so I decided to make some compost tea. 
    I just threw together some stuff.  Not really much of a recipe.
    2 Tbs Bat Guano
    1 Cup EWC
    2 Tablespoons Bloom formula.
    3 Gallons Water
    I don't have an active aerator so I'm currently whisking it by hand.  Every 5 minutes or so I whisk for about a minute getting a good tornado funnel going.  I'll do this on and off for the next couple of hours and take a break then do it again for a couple hours.  I think it should be ready in about 8 hours.  This isn't for plants just for my soil - hopefully get some more microbial bacteria growing.
    I tried to pop 3 Godberry and they fell flat with a soil propagation so I washed them off and am doing the paper towel method just to see if I can get them to sprout.
    I started 5 Beyond the Brains.  I made my own little homemade incubator out of sterilized Tupperware and put 6 jiffy pellets in it. From what I can tell at least a couple popped out of their shell within 8 hours.  Hoping to see some seedling leaves in the next couple of days.
  13. http://www.greenhous...s-trays-inserts  This thing SUCKS!!!
    I filled it up with water, hoping to have a nice algae free SIP tray - but the fuckin thing started leaking from the bottom after I filled it up with 2 gallons of water.
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  14. I transplanted my jiffy pellets (which I'll never use again) to a 4" starter pot.  Put those under 2 - 125w 6500/2700 CFL's.  Let those hang out for 4-5 days.  About 36 hours ago I put them on a make shift SIP tray and placed them under my led light - when I put them in the best one only had 4 leaves, now 36 hours of intense light and they all have 8+ leaves and are about 3 times the size.  These things blew the hell up!
    I'm planning on transplanting those to a fabric pot in the next few days - looks like they're gonna need them.  Germinated 14 days ago and already they are between 2 - 4 inches tall and already going into their 3rd node.  These are a 75 day flower and they're supposed to be slow starters, so I am surprised as such quick growth.
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  15. Did you have the Godberrries in the jiffy pellets?  I used some jiffy pellets with mixed results before, so I'm just wondering what you thought.  What did you do for your make-shift sip set up?  Glad to hear those guys are growing fast!  Keep it up!
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    I did have them in jiffy pellets.  Jiffy Pellets are alright for the first week, but they seem to compact really easily and I feel like it might have stunted my plants a little. 
    Just transplanted into 1 gallon pots - got one plant that's weirdly deformed, it's latest growth is only coming from one side of the plant.  Very strange looking.  The others are doing ok - the BTB strain has 2 phenos, one small and one big.  I have two big and two small phenos.  I'm thinking of keeping a smaller female for sensimilla and throwing the larger male / female into another tent and getting some back breeding going. 
    I actually came up with a rather ingenious work around, if I do say so myself!  I flipped that leaky tray over and its underside is actually raises, to keep the water pressed against the wicking agent at the top, so turned over it's a bunch of 3x3x2 inch squares.  I lined it with 3 black trash bags and filled all the squares up with perlite.  So it now holds 4 times as much water and shouldn't leak. 
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    After... 24 hours - the deformed plant is almost fully regular looking now.  I'm stunned how quickly the entire left leaf set opened up and grew after transplant.  I was expecting some transplant shock but it seems the relief from over watering outweighed the shock.
    Currently hunting for 6" clip on fans.  Harder than hell to find during winter. 
    A lingering concern I have is over the likelihood of root damage should the plants grow into the fabric pots and out the bottom.  I'm still planning on transferring to 3g and 5g pots.  Should I skip the 3 and go right to the 5?  That's how I'm leaning right now.
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    Amazon will always have what ya need!
    ^ Just an quick search query.  I just picked up an oscillating "Lil' Blizzard"  about a week ago and I rigged it to hang right around the canopy and it works great!  The clip on ones seem more expensive (only by about $5).  My friend has prime so I just bummed the free 2day shipping off his account! :D
    About your concerns with the 3 and 5 gallon fabric pots, your transplanting plan should be fine.  I haven't heard of those pots damaging the roots.  They work by making the roots dry and split when they hit the sides, there shouldn't be any real damage to them.
    The only time Ive seen those pots do root damage was when they are left on the ground and the bottom never dries, which leaves the roots overwatered on the bottom and can cause some problems.  So as long as the pots are above ground and able to drain the water from below then you should be cool!
    Was just wondering if you have any pics or your setup?  Hearing a lot about it but it would be cool to have a visual to go with it!
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