First Grow - In the Aerogarden

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by meandmine, May 24, 2009.

  1. I am growing an autoflowering strain in the aerogarden. I wanted to start with something simple that wouldn't require strict light control. But I've run into a problem. All the seeds (3 or them) have popped with their tap root. The problem is the root is popping up and not down.

    What do I do. Do I take them out and flip them over? do I try to rotate them? Will this problem fix it's self as the roots seek out the water? I would really appreciate some quick advice on this one.
  2. Hey! This isn't exactly a quick reply since you posted last night but I've recently had a similar problem and the problem corrected itself after a week for me. I'd avoid touching the seedling whenever possible, could try covering it with some more dirt, roots generally should avoid light.
  3. you don't use dirt in an aerogarden. you use little pods. There isn't anything to cover them up with. You still think I should leave them as is? I'd really appreciate any advice you could offer. This is my first attempt and I don't want to ruin it before I ever see leaves.
  4. I personally would leave it as is. The root is very fragile and I'd not want to dig it up to turn it around right now personally. I would just let it be, the sprout showed up for me four days later in my case without a problem. Covering isn't required but I prefer it for the higher humidity during germination.

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