First grow in like 12 years !!! Serious this time

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  1. So guys on a whim I ordered a grow tent other day, and now it’s here I’m super excited. Right now I only have a few herbs like Dill and lavender in there til I dial in the temps. Wondering if I need an intake fan or an exhuast fan with carbon filter ? Also interested in grabbing better LEDs if someone has recommendations. Super excited to pick up this hobby again with more funds to spend than when I grew when I was 17. Sorry if I posted this in wrong place. Glad to be back fellow blades and I hope some of you guys will ride this dream with me !! Any advice appreciated. Thank you! My tent is 2x4x5

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  2. Also using fox farm to start. My buddies are saying living soil is a move instead of using liquid nutes? Open to any opinions homies !
  3. Welcome back and good luck on your grow only advice just grow them and pay attention to their needs

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  4. Thanks homie! I love hanging with my plants so this shouldn’t be a problem. Really excited get back into it with all the resources I have compared to when I was a young boul. Hahah. Amazon cart is filled. Clones hopefully landing soon
  5. I’m thinking of maybe grabbing these lights as an upgrade? Any thoughts or other recommendations in that range? Thx homies

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  6. Looks good !
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  7. Hey! I would suggest to get a good inline fan and scrubber/filter. In flower,harvest and drying time it is very essential.

    I have no experience with mars hydro myself. When looking at lights be aware of what kind of chip it has (led) and how many of those there are.

    It varies from company to company. Migroled do some good light testing on YouTube,maybe you can find good info there as well.

    If you manage to keep a stable environment and provide for your plants needs you will be rewarded for it when time comes.
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  8. I've had decent results with the mars hydro tsw2000
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  9. If your in mi message me. I have a carbon filter its a monster but its free to you . I have a light for you free . And a fan to keep it cool .Call it a getting back into the hobby gift.
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  10. Thank you I appreciate the offer. But I forgot I made this thread and I got my whole tent ready to go and the plants going! Got the Electric sky V3 180W light. Just realized my plants got a bit wind burnt, so hopefully they perk up. Thinking of moving acouple to 1gal pots soon. Then finishing in 3 gallon pots. Gonna get to mixing my soil tmrw. Exciting stuff! Will take better picture of entire tent tmrw! Cheers guys!!

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  11. Also took a picture of the roots other day thought looked pretty cool. Then played some bongos to my plants after they wher looking a little sad :smoke:

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  12. Right now I have Promix HP, or Fox farms Happy frog. Going to mix soil tomorrow, anyone suggest one better than the other? Also going to add worm castings / perlite / maybe bat guano. Still figuring out if anyone has any mix they like. I’m thinking 60% soil 20% perlite 20% worm castings maybe bat guano too?? Not sure. Open to any suggestions. Cheers homies
  13. Here's one.

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  14. I used that mix for this grow in my journal on 3 lb plant. Screenshot_20221027-072256.png
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  15. I'm a lazy man, and I've gone through a few grows now just throwing like a 2/3 happy frog 1/3 fish compost or the 3.0 mix from build a soil (the purple and orange labels respectively) I've never used it personally, but I do physically know several other hobby growers like myself who get good results with that too.

    Disclaimer, there are both better and cheaper mixes out there, I'm more of a lighting nerd though, so with soil I just opt for the convenience most of the time, in case that's relevant to your situation.

    Also make sure you are putting the proper amount of light on the plants for your fixture if you haven't already.

    There are a lot of "ranges" on various internet sources on what amount of light to put on your plants at various stages, the general ranges (dialed in more accurately as each grow progresses and I observe plants) I use are this. (I often ride the high edge of these values or even go slightly above, but it depends on plant health)

    seedling / establishment = 150-250 umol/s
    Veg = 300-600 umol/s
    Flower = 600-1000 umol/s

    Calculations go by a factor of 4 per distance unit, so if the light puts out 627 at 18 inches, it should put out roughly 2,400 umol/s if you hang the light at 9 inches, or around 175 umol/s if you were to double the distance (hang at 36 inches above)

    you can google for par maps of your light model and find various grids like this that will show output at various heights, if your light has a dimmer or intensity knob, thats traight linear math, so for example in the map above, if you put the light at 50%, it would cut that 627 in half (627 being the full output at 18 inches)

    Best of luck with the grow mate, and welcome back to the craft!

    (apologies if you already knew this)
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  16. Thank you homie! I did have a problem with stretching at first being the first time using this light, but quickly adjusted
  17. Just transplanted all my plants today, was just gonna do acouple but the drainage was so weak with first containers so I figured while I was on a roll I’ll jus transplant them all at once. Really excited to see how they react in the next coming days considering they grew up in just FFOF. Just transplanted with 60% promix HP 20% perlite and 20% worm castings.
    Really feels good to be back!!! Also curious for anyone using living soil, I’ve read somewhere to use barely straw/some kind of mulch to keep my soil damp..? Anyone use these methods before to keep soil more damp? Good be here again guys , fun begins :passtheshit::gc_rocks:

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  18. Also wasn’t sure if I ever mentioned the strains. I have 5 purple slushie bagseed, and 2 feminized The End Game RBX The Punch line at the moment. Gonna have my hands and tent filled if the purple slushie all girls :smoke:

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