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  1. I am planning on growing my own weed (outdoors but flowering indoors) maybe a pure 100% indica because of the high yield and smaller stature compared to Sativa. and i have the following questions I would greatly appreciate answers/advice on
    1. I live in a suburban home and often have visitors over and i was thinking about growing the plants in pots so i can move and hide them around my place, is this a good idea?
    2. I was thinking of specifically growing Afghan Kush, does this strain do well outdoors? in rain and heat?
    3. is it a good idea to flower the plants on a 12/12 light cycle indoors so that the weather does not damage the buds?
    I would really appreciate it if someone could answer these questions.  :)

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  2. I have heard it is not the best to change the light source throughout the grow. You want to keep stress off the plants. Let the outdoors grow those babies! All plants grow better in their natural environment and the yield seems to me a lot better outside from all accounts..

    I need to find a place for an outdoor grow.. Hard in a major city haha

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  3. If you often have visitors and your worried about them finding out you might want to look into a dedicated room or closet, attic or basement, so you don't always have to me moving it. People would get suspicious if every time they came to the door they would have to wait while you run around hiding lights and plants. Not to mention the pain of hiding and dragging things back out and resetting up. It may interfear with light scheduling also depending on how you do it. Say its lights on time and an unexpected visitor shows up. Now you have to take everything down and either set it up in your hiding place so the lights stay on or leave it in the dark messing with the light schedule.vice versa at night, now your bring your plant into contact with light constantly when it should be dark adding stress. The whole time your visitors at the door thinking your jerking off or something. How many times a day would you want to go through all that over the next several months and continue to do each grow if you continue. Even just 1 plant would get old in my opinion. Couple visitors a day would be hundreds of times of moving and hiding each grow cycle. If your rushing to get it hid you would also add to the chance of breaking branches. Just my opinion.
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  4. Agreed competely your going to piss the girls off fucking with their 12/12 schedule. You will most likely end up with a group of hermies.
  5. There's also the smell to think about. You can remove the plant from the room when visitors show but the smell won't leave instantly. You would have to have a big enough hiding place to stash it anyways so why not just try to set up something dedicated to stay in that location.
  6. This is how I grow, I leave my plants outside during the day and bring them in at night an put them under clf bulbs till morning anthem back outside they go. I also do it so when I do have friends over I can hide them away quickly if I need to. I keep them outside till flower then I bring em in out of the weather and more under my control sincere get extremely hot days here and cold rain the next I don't need the wind an rain snapping anything off in flower or shaking my thc off or washing anything away. So as for how your going about it go for it. Can't answer your strain question tho. Sorry hope it helps tho.

    It's not the easiest way to hide em, a closet grow keeps them out of site but you can't beat the sun and all the wind you get from outside grows.
  7. G,day Stoner,

    I live in Sydney.

    I have had great success with white widow auto, critical rapido, 8 ball kush, red diesel, critical cheese. All my weed is grown outdoors and these guys have come out the other end intact and with shit hot smoke.

    Be careful with an afghan kush, ever seen youtube videos of US soldiers filming themselves walking through fields or Afghan Kush ??? Fuckers 12-20ft tall........given the right environment,(and it doesn't get much better than the Aussie sun) you can have some seriously large plants on your hands if your not careful and when the fucker has finished stretching, the last thing you want to be doing there is panicking and then ruin all your hard work.

    If your that paranoid, grow Autos that stay short, plant a few so you get a good harvest and remove your stress.......don't grow them out and flower them in.....they will hate the lack of light they get with indoor lights compared to the sun.

    12/12 is not for bud damage ?????? It is the standard that indoor growers use to flower dope as all breeds will flower at that light schedule.

  8. Thanks heaps for your advice but I am going to think about flowering them in an old closet in a room no one would go in
  9. Yeah thanks, I did not realise that as a problem but basically no one in my family (or who visits) would know what weed smells like.. but then again you just don't know. but my house has about 10 strong air fresheners in it so maybe these would cover the smell?
  10. wow I never knew they could get that big :wacko: and I have been doing some research on autos but they say they have up to two thirds less THC than any other normal Cannabis plant?? but thanks a shitload for the advice, good to hear from someone who is in the same situation.
  11. No that won't even be close to enough. They will know what it smells like, trust me. Once they step into your house and it danks like you just smoked a blunt in the doorway. Smoked weed and growing weed are slightly different smells but that is what the intensity is like. Get a carbon filter if you plan on having anyone over that you don't want to know you're growing.
  12. Don't shy away from Autos, get a critical Jack auto harvested and you will think you have hit the moon !!! Powerful autos out there they have come a long way since that article you may have been reading was written.

    I don't need to hide my plants, but I don't like them being on complete display for anyone to see. I blend mine in with my would hardly know they are there....
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  13. Autos blow people are swearing they don't but really they are a low yielding slightly lower in thc. Unless you produce your own seed with them it's a loss of money by the Tim You add seed cost lighting grow room setup. Better off buying weed than growing autos. If your going to make your own seed which isn't complicated just requires a male of another strain that you like. It gets cost effective but you have to know what you are doing. I wouldn't recommend to a new grower. Grow some nice indica variety that can flower in 8weeks. Of course with veg time and starting seed finish product is 3-4month investment. I run two rooms one for flower one for veg, cuts down my time to 8weeks between harvest. Of course first round is a full 4 month investment, week 4 flowering right now. If your serious about hiding growing you really need a basement you can lock or something. Inline fans moving air make noise, oscillating fans aren't terrible but raise an eyebrow why white noise coming from closet. Cfl grows are ineffective imo they don't provide enough light for mj. I would think long and hard over your setup and understand my grow makes some noise. Without a carbon filter your house will reek, I am talking smell it outside or at the least as soon as you open front door.
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    Do you know what you're talking about? Autos can have as high as 20% THC and the highest yielding auto on record is over 300 grams. It is on the Dutch Passion website. If you want to know more check out Lokis auto flowering thread. He personally has yielded I think 8-10 ozs off an auto and he swears by them.
    Auto flowers have come a long way since when they first came out. You're entitled to your opinion but check out Dutch Passions AutoUltimate and Auto Mazar. Massive yields without sacrificing potency.
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  15. Have to agree with the Canadian mate, your way off on your knowledge of autos.........I have grown out autos that have produced a better choof than some homework on them as mentioned, you will be surprised.
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  16. Go for it dude. I'm in oz too and doing the same thing. Had a northern lights girl growing out doors throughout winter now got her indoors under a 180 watt LED to flower. Go with any strain mate just top the fuck out of her and do same LSTing.

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    The land down under...
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    Forget your autos I have done homework on them, and I still think they suck. Read plenty of articles about them, unless your growing outdoors 24/7 or your growing with cfl they make no sense to me. Rudrails that's how they bred these plants 0 thc. Junk plants low Ryder #1 is present in almost every auto. Junk false marketing bs. Apart from a Super auto which can grow 8' there's no way you can tell me that an auto yields as much as a photo everything equal in the grows. Any research that you do you can find the argument either way.
  18. I can build a website saying my 1' tall clone produced a pound doesn't make it true. Do you still believe the Marlboro man is rugged and cool? That smoking will make u sexy or that every new weight loss product will help u drop 40 pounds?
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    Man there are pictures on the Dutch Passion website of the plant. Whatever, I'm not trying to persuade you. Honestly I couldn't give a crap
    By the way low rider was like the first auto to come out, obviously it's going to be shit. Things improve with time as breeders learn more. But yeah OP check out Loki's auto help thread in Indoor Growing and you will see the potential of autos.
    And I understand how autos are created. You cross it with ruderalis then continue back crossing to the indica/sativa until the THC level is where they want it where it still auto flowers.
  20. yeah true about the autos and the article was published in like 2007 I think. and I think I may need to visit someone who grows.. and this may come a surprise to you but i have only smoked weed 4 times in my life and i have only really smelt it a few times and i got an eith of Afghan kush and that stuff smelt pretty strong in the bag, sort of like a strong body odor mixed with perspiration, but Silver haze again smells like B.O or me when i get sweaty but stronger

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