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  1. Been awhile since I have been active but got a couple things going on outside to get me up and going again.
    First off Have a hand me down mom about 9 months old at this point. Stuck her in the ground about 6 weeks ago and hard to tell from this angle but has been pulled over a little into the raspberries. The strain is Coco a local vareity from these parts.
    Have a second one in the greenhouse right now, this  girl is about 8 weeks old.

  2. The Coco indoors is not alone has a couple other keeping company.
    The back side is 3 Morracan landraces, Kemata from World of Seed. I have been Happy with them in the past and will see if they live up to before. They are all started from seed and number left to right 1, 2, 3. This is to keep track of which is best, so far in Veg number 2 has shown the greastest vigor while 1 has had some weirld looking twisted leaves. I have them tangled up pretty tight in some netting to keep them in a tight canopy.
    The front left is the Coco and the front right is some Cali Orange Bud both clones pulled from a buddy.
    Orange Bud up close.
  3. Also have this One is another of my favorites Strawberry Blue from World of Seeds. Started this one a little later then the rest but will catch up quick.
    Then I have a Purple Kush, this is a clone from about 8 weeks ago. It is about ready to do it magic in the next week or so.
  4. Found this little one out by the compost bin, pulled it up carefully and will try to get it going, no clue what it is.
  5. Might as well cover some of the details before some one asks. The 3 Morocans are located in 25 gal geopots, the Coco, Strawberry Blue, Purple Kush, and Cali Orange Bud are in 10 gal Yeild Pots. The Compost if it surives will get tossed into a 7 gal geopot I have already filled setting aside from other stuff. The meduim is my own mix of Anceint Forest, coco coir, coco chips, composted steer manure, EWC, mushroom compost peat, and perelite. Initial feed was a mix of  azomite, alpfla meal, bone meal, brown rice flour, and organicare grow. They have then just received water, the occasional extra and a top off of dry food every 2 weeks. Ocassional extra are brews including Liquid seaweed, Organicare Humega, Roots Trinity, and a nitro boost every so often with EJ Grow. I inoculate with Mykos and Azos then a little happy frop vegetable since it has everything in it. Overall everything is aimed at supporting beneficials and givening them stuff to break down and make available. Going into flower I will be hitting them with a heavy blast of EM1 to speed up the breakdown of my nitrogens and will be feeding a weekly batch of EJ Grow and EJ Bloom Hi Brix, of which will turn over to pure Bloom over next 4 weeks. Every other week will get a little EJ Micro Blast in Humega, although really have seen no need for extra micros yet.
    The one that is in the ground has had simular feeding but as an added bonus located a bunch of my bagged Seaberries next to it. Seaberries are a nitrogen fixing plant and its run of would go straight into the Coco in the ground.
  6. First off went through the screen of Morocans and trimed them back to send up all the side shoots.
    Which I then took some Morocan #3 clones and a Coco (the one in ground)
    My high tech clone chamber, batting a 100 right now.
    Have my Morocan #2 Clones and my Purple Kush, the kush seem to take alot longer then others to clone.
    Trimmed out the backside of the Coco, been fighting powdery mildew since it came under my control. Have considered chopping it in the past to not have it around as a vector but at the same time it is going to produce big time.
  7. Moved the Purple Kush to give it some room to spread out and placed the little Strawberry Blue in its old place.
    The Coco towers over the Blue.
    I made a quick frame from an old peice of futton to LST my Purple Kush. Hope to let it get some light in the middle because it is about to jump up.
    A little poppy hanging out all alone.
    And that would be a days work in the garden. Trying to decide if I want to pull the Coco and Orange Bud from the greenhouse to give them more room, they are going to be growing tell the end of Oct most likely and would hate to have the weather turn on me. A choice of protection vs yeild.
  8. awesome looking plants!
  9. Was reading else where and people where dogging some guy about it being to late in the season for his little plants so I took a fresh #2 Moroccan clone and placed it down in the ground to show otherwise. I am also curious how my number #2 Moroccan handles pretty much straight to flower.
  10. Awesome plants man, I'm interested in seeing that Moroccan #2 also keep us posted
  11. Well more about the Moroccans in General. They are something I have grown in the past indoors but have kept more tame in both organics and in DWC. The end product has always been decent smoke that has a fine layer of trichromes which work well for making bubble hash. It also can produce some very light oil near beige/white. The 3 in greenhouse where started from seed in May at first in window and where transplanted to 25 gallon geopots in June. I hope to find a  good candidate for a mother and genetics. I have 3 out now and of those the #2 has shown the most potential for vigor and represents almost 70% of the screen in the green house. This is the plant I cloned to throw a little one in the ground, I am curious to see how this one will respond to little veg time for potential indoor use.
    Screen of Green House
    Clone of middle Moroccan LR
    Another plant I liked indoors is my Strawberry Blue, I had 2 left over seeds from a couple years ago only 1 germinated out of them. I used these genetics indoors for many runs because it stays somewhat smaller but still produces decent yields for little grow room real estate. I planted this in June into a 10 gal yield pot. I just started using yield pots but have found them to not always work so well. I had a 15 gal that easily ripped after a month and it had a currently dry mix and a 2 foot tree in them. Although I have found there ability to hold more water in a good thing for summer but I could see these being a problem for indoors or in winter weather outdoors.
    Strawberry Blue
  12. The Coco Outside, the old mother
    Inside the Green House
    The two plants on side are going to get pulled up against walls some to make it easier to work in there and also give them support and also hopefully direct them. Getting harder to get to back without risk of breaking branches. I also have alot of stuff hiding underneath a hazelnut tree seedling, long needle pine seedling, a crepe myrtle, a couple clones and some comfrey starts.
    The Coco Inside, approx 9-10 week old
    The Cali Orange Bud, starting to flower
    Then the Purple Kush
    They all got fed tonight a aerated mix that has been bubbling a couple days.
    20 gallons water
    10 oz EJ Hi Brix Bloom
    10 oz Humega
    5 oz EJ Grow
    5 oz Alaska Fish Fertilizer
    5 oz Catalyst
    5 oz Meta K
    a cup of my nonstop ewc/ancient forest brew
    Comes up to about 5.0 PH after 72hrs a pulled it up a little higher with EJ up to 6.2. EC was about 1.4
    All my plants got a good soaking and the little one got some half strength.
  13. Wow man things are lookin great, I'm gonna move to the bigger smart pots next year atleast 15-20 gal. Looks great does the green house get real humid ? Is that Moroccan #2 the Moroccan hash plant genetics? Looks great man I'm subbed and taking notes!
  14. It is Moroccan Landrace, so yeah it is the famed Moroccan hash producer. I am feeding it good for now but it will get cut food and water near the end to bring out the resin. I will use most of it to make bubble hash with and keep select tips. Actually going to build myself a nice bubble hash machine this fall to make the process easier and more efficient.
    The green house does alright, keep the door open and the vents so gets fresh air constantly. I did have the outdoor coco bring mildew with it so do have to fight that some but it is controlled and doubt I could eradicate it without aggressive measures.
    Even though they cost more I like the Geopots the best, they made heavier with double layer of felt and hold up a long time. I still have torn a few but usually because of grabbing on the edge instead of handles or underneath. A good trick for them is to fill about a inch of gravle/hydrotone to keep water out of the bottom specially when you have them in trays indoors.
  15. Right to prevent root rot. I want a green house I might make one this winter. Hash is great I'm gonna do the cold water method for mine this year, maybe one day ill graduate
  16. I make it with bags, ice and a lot of work. So trying to come up with a better way of accomplishing the same thing for less cost in the form of labor. I had a bigger greenhouse to use last winter and got used to all the room so feel cramped in this one but it gets the job done. This is just one of the cheap harbor freight ones put on a decent base. Hope to have about 400 sq ft of greenhouse built in Jan but need the money for it first.
    I cleaned up a bit in there today.
    25AugGreenhouse (2).jpg
    25AugGreenhouse (1).jpg
    25AugGreenhouse (3).jpg
    25AugGreenhouse (4).jpg
    25AugGreenhouse (5).jpg
    25AugGreenhouse (6).jpg
    25AugGreenhouse (7).jpg
  17. As long as the air circulates it will get the job done.
  18. The Coco
    Orange Bud
    The rest soon
  19. Moroccan
    Little #2
    Purple Kush
  20. This is a kick ass grow man. 

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