First grow in a new room...advice needed.

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  1. Here's the deal; I've had a few successful grows in closets under floro's and CFL's. Done them on the fly, no real planning, in soil and had pretty good results actually. I learned from an old hippy friend of my fathers, he use to guerrilla grow every summer. So I know my basics, I'm not uber newb.

    I'm ready to go bigger and have a budget of $1,200 to kit out a 10'x10' room. I own the house, the closet neighbor is about 200' away. I'm looking for a max yield as well as quality.

    Been following SG's threads and he's really givien me a new perspective on things. I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. philosophy. Keep it simple, stupid.

    So heres my current ideas for this grow....

    The budget: Approximately $1,200

    The space:

    I have a spare bedroom, 10‘x12' with 8' ceiling. I plan on splitting it with grow tent material into two chambers; 5'x5' for the flowering & approximately 5'x3' for veg. The remaining space is really just for the door to open/light barrier/small work space. This room has two windows which I'm planning on sealing with plywood, after doing a nice blind & curtain dress-up as camo. I'm going to punch through the ceiling for the air intake/exhaust.

    Both rooms will be kitted out with IR Blocker and 2 mil Mylar from top to bottom.

    The seed:

    Right now I'm sitting on some AK-47, Grape Ape & Green Crack seeds. They're all from bags I had, but that AK-47 gave me 4 females from 4 seeds sowed last time. All 3 strains came from an experienced grower from the green triangle of Cali. Also going to order some seed from Nirvana in the near future or pick some up next time I go to Toronto to visit.

    I'm hoping to get a few females going in the veg room and then clone as needed. Looking to have about 6-10 in flower at a given time. Not sure how many I'll be able to have in the room? Someone please inform me of the the max amount of plants I can run without overcrowding. Hoping to be harvesting every two months or so once its up and running.

    I'm more of an Indica guy. The couch lock doesnt usually effect me like it does most. I'm a very motivated smoker. The higher I get the more centered and focused I am. I'd like to try to Sativas too, for stuff like Crossfit and mountain biking etc. But they get too damned big for me right now and take longer to finish.

    The lights:

    I'm going to go with a HID's. I can't afford LED's right now. Going to run a 1,000 watt digital HPS for flower & a 600 watt digital for veg. Cloning and seedling will be done under CFL's.

    HTG Supply - Digital Greenhouse 1000 watt HPS Grow Light

    MH (w optional MH bulb):
    HTG Supply - Digital Greenhouse 600 watt HPS Grow Light

    The soil:

    I'm going to go with Pro-Mix right now from HTG. I want to be able to control the nute w/out any surprises, but will probably be going full-on hydro in a few grows. I like the fact that Pro Mix has some root helping microbes that help uptake of nutes and water. But I also heard the PH is around 7.0. Not sure if this is going to mess with me or I should bring it dow any? Any other suggestions, I am open to.

    The Nutes:

    Not too sure about what I should be using, really. I dont really feel designer nutes are that much better than something water soluble, like General Hydroponics.
    HTG Supply - GH Maxi Series
    I just feel N-P-K is the same no matter what label you slap on the bottle. Correct me if I'm wrong. PLEASE.

    I'm sure I'll need some others for flowering and maybe some micro nutrients? I'm open for suggestions.

    The air-intake/exhaust:

    The plan is to punch two 4” holes in the ceiling of the room to the attic. Using two 4” inline fans; one will bring in fresh air (from the outside vent), split with a Y to the floor of the veg and flower rooms. The exhaust inline fan will suck out air from both rooms, again using a Y (to keep them separate). The flower room will have a 4” carbon filter attached before it exits the room. Both fans are 170 CFM.

    I will also have the other smaller items, like thermo/hygrometer for each room, PH/PPM meter etc. I'm open to these any other suggestions as well. If you have places I can get this stuff cheaper, please let me know!

    I priced most of this stuff at HTG, but theres also mom & pop hydro shop in my area. IF he can match the price or bring me in a little above, I'll go to them. The guys at HTG seemed really arrogant and were hard-selling me from the door. I played dumb just to hear their pitch on purpose. Mom & pop were really mellow and down to earth and said they had some "wiggle room" on certain items.

    So, there it is! Eager to hear from the gurus here about my ideas. Please point out any flaws and/or things I have overlooked.

    Love, peace & gun grease!

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