First grow in 4x4 with 1000w hps

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  1. Hey guys this will be my first grow in a 4x4x73" tent with a 1000w air cooled hps light. After doing a bunch of reading on others with 4x4 tents with 1000 hps lights Im concerned with having problems with heat. My tent will be a room with an ambient temperature of 72 and I will have 2 400cfm inline fans
    First fan:
    Outside tent>duct>fan>hood>duct>Attic

    Second fan:
    Carbon filter>fan>duct >attic

    Should this be enough to keep the tent in a good temperature range ? I listed everything in my setup below. Would love any insight you guys can give

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    I run 600 watt hps in a similar sized tent running a 4inch vivosun i belive is around 200cfm duct fan blowing thru my light and exiting out of my building. My air intake is from negative pressure and charcoal canister is on fan inlet inside tent on full bore 24-7. My average house temps are about 66 degrees which if my door of my tent is open will allow for temps between 73-79 degrees when the light is on..if my door is shut temps could each 88 degrees... I would run a 6inch exhaust on that light minimum with a temp probe for max efficiency.
  3. for a 1000 watt light . you want to get a 8 inch opening . the 1000 is a LOT of heat trust me on this . for a 600 a 6 inch is ok . and get a 700 cfm min flow . and it will be hooked up to the carbon filter sucking air from your tent and blowing clean air through the light and out of the tent . keeping it cool and no smell . for the hood its a matter of opinion and for the bulb they are very good suggest a ipower bulb its about 20 bucks and it works well for the ballast its your opinion . want the best buy solist tek . most people do not notice any difference from ballast or bulb in quality in yield unless your a pro go the budget way .
  4. I love my I power ballast. Real decent for the money..the hood is marginal quality but priced right.. The bulbs definitely work well.

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  5. Alright so if I go to an 8" hood with a 720cfm fan do you think the temperature will be good ?
  6. yes . ....... this large fan will suck all the hot air out . you will have to have an intake some where to get fresh air . so put the carbon filter on top of the tent hot air . and make a vent on the bottom of the tent cool air . this will work well . yes i keep telling people these ipower bulbs rock just like a hortilux but much cheaper .
  7. make sure your carbon filter is large enough cfm . if your not sure post one line . you get what you pay for in a carbon filter . as long as its an 8 inch carbon i would say its more then enough to work with your set up just make sure . i got burnt once its just siting around to lazy to resell it . my cfl are 2500 .12 inch x 4 units lol
  8. Thanks for all the advise ! Alright so I'll need a third fan to intake cold air from the room as well ? And if I change that carbon filter to an 8" instead of the 6" will that fan for the intake have to be 8" as well to avoid to much negative pressure ?im Going to switch to the ipower ballast and bulb, but let's say worse case scenario I would have to dim my light down too 600w or 750w due to temps would that change the spectrum of the 1000w bulb ? If so would it be better to get a ballast that dims to 600w and put a 600w bulb in ? Or would that fry the bulb. Appreciate all the help

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