first grow idea?

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  1. focus:
    -closest to $0 as possible, while finishing with a product that doesnt show this
    short term goal:
    -learn the basics of growing and caring for the plant
    long term goal and purpose for the price restraint
    -to start from 0-> creating a self sustainable source of meds.
    ----- marketplaces offer a way to sell off excess, in order to pay for energy and upgrades. without investing you cold reach the size that you are comfortable tending
    -ofc experience, which makes you a valued commodity
    what i have:
    -access to a large assortment of tools and building substances(adhesives, solvents, paints, sealants, etc)
    -creativity-- i would rather put mental and physical work into creating something than purchasing the equivalent
    - access to clones
    - cfl bulbs and sockets
    -pc chassis
     my idea:
    i think have most of the things i would need to make a pc stealth grow. the chassis is a bit small though, but it possible i could sell my sound card for a reduced price if they bring along an old server tower casing. i would still need to purchase a few things like dirt, pots, if necessary a temp reader but that cost should be low.
    max budget- $100
    -how dumb is this idea? XD
    -any personal tips based on your experience. something you wish you had known our first time
    -ive looked at a few sites, listing things that shouldnt be cost cut. anything you can think of that would destroy the plant or produce brick if is costcut
    -any better diy setups that fit my focus?
    myself and others i know have difficulty affording the 7.5x+ markup from dispensaries. im trying to find a way for those who dont have much to sustain themselves without spending $100s of dollars they dont have in startup costs or to offer a low risk way to dip your toes in the metaphorical pool.
    im probably forgetting a lot of thing i wanted to say but atm im not sure what those are
    if the ball gets rolling i want to make a grow log titled "from rags to riches." watch that show up on all the fundies google pages


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