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  1. Right out the gate here I'm gonna take back what the title says.haha all flamers take a seat and maybe throw in some experienced advice.

    I barely can seed grass well, so I lack the green thumb most probably have coming into this, but like most new members- I'm also starting my first grow..
    -I'm obsessive
    -I'm excited
    -I'm confused
    -I wanna talk about it even if no one cares

    After a swift decline in a grow attempt that lacked any effort...

    I built a set up that I have high hopes for- it's a little unconventional, but I would love some advice from anyone who can offer or seen it done before

    I'll be posting some pics and starting the journal soon..

    Glad to be in the GC

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  2. :popcorn:................
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  3. Alright boys and girls, grab your pencils. It's class time.


    I didn't know how to start this out, along with learning loads of things between starting months ago(it seems) and today-like many others maybe somebody can learn from a mistake or two, so I figured I'd give up a sarcastic approach to get caught up...

    In my best pirate voice,

    Let me spin ye a tale, of ye many woes...

    You've been smoking for years, one would maybe call you an expert in the field. You've gathered seeds over the countless bags, you've seen how easy it is to sprout in a window at some point..
    BOOM, I could save some major cash in my "hobbies" jar.

    Grab the terra-cotta pot.[​IMG]

    Dirt is dirt. This ain't the back 9. Grab dat shi boi .[​IMG]

    Where's the bag I throw all those rando seeds in for the passed 4 years? It's jammed somewhere...fount it. [​IMG]

    It's Game Time for this new grower

    ...or should I say overnight botany master!

    Alright...step one, yea...that's uh...

    Well the seed? I remember my buds back in high school would tell me the best way is throw it in a wettissue and put it in a bag.

    And psh this is baller on a budget, gangsta, no wasting.

    Let's go One seed at a time.

    annnnd nothin...That was dumb to do just one...let's do a few more soggy beans an check back in later

    Alright we finally got some tails, let's get dirty...


    It puts the dirt in the pot, it's put the finger in the dirt, put it in the hole.

    Alright, now I need some light, i remember SCIENCE. I can science, plants eat light playa. And just to my luck lowes has this clearance incandescent plant bulb. Plugged in. We got power.

    Je finis?

    It's up to you plant, Shirley.


    Alright alright, I see green.

    I'm seeing my leaves poppin, I think I did good. I'm so fly, I'm so fitted..

    ….Huh...I remember my buddies plant in his closet, it was pretty tall but...these are looking weird colors too..

    I've been putting hard time in on these ladies so Ive got to see this out, maybe I should look some stuff up...?

    Psh nah..gator don't play that.


    Let's just put it in a window for some REAL light. Check back in on it in a few days.


    View attachment 2672151 new leaves, just getting taller, those pics online looked much bushier at this point....

    Let's hit the books.

    Alright this is where I kinda back off the cheese , if you've stuck around an you're not annoyed by now maybe you're a new grower or trying to grow, this is where I'll PREACH enough about researching and understanding the plant so that it is an easy going experience or just not as hard as you're making it. Take your time to learn the way YOU are going to grow, and
    Take your time to learn the way YOU are going to grow, and not the tutorial you found youre gonna half ass attempt.
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  4. That said..its my personal opinion this far on my only grow haha

    We have seen the light my fellow growers! Let's see the results..

    Lets start with soil- I went with some coco coir bricks that I can break up. I only buffered about half.

    I'm gonna need some light- I personally rigged up some LEDS and a couple (true) 32w curly/fluors that were in 5-6500k spectrums

    Grabbed better pots that I can ventilate better- I'm not using perlite, so having added drainage is welcome

    Nutrients- I found a local store, went in with an intention of items and got talked into buying more expensive haha I went with Advanced nutrients PH Perfect Trio

    Plant-bag seed..gotta learn somehow

    -I was trying to be on a budget as much as possible, so I tried not to buy extras- looking back/going forward -I would prolly pick up perlite, cal/mg mix of some kind, ph up/down kit to make it much easier balancing nuts PH, LED grow light- my DIY pvc light ended up costing just as much bcuz of bulbs -and that's just for veg/ most led grow lights have a veg and flower specific spectrum.

    Throw it all together, and put it somewhere- I personally own my home and didn't need a tent, I've just dedicated some areas to the grow...and without further a due..

    Not the closet grow, we're hitting the showers boys..


    It's Not being used and I figured it's got its benefits with cleanliness, drainage, humidity/temp control, height, and lighting, also I use the walls as dry erase surface for the notes haha

    A few beers later..

    I rigged up my light to crane down, I've got it plugged into a surge protector-that happens to be a digital timer.

    The light has a four way split-individual plugs, with extra splitters and I cut some beer cans to act as some lamp shades. upload_2019-9-5_0-9-55.png

    I threw the plants quickly into random pots and some coco for the time being

    In the midst of this all I also started germinating some more seeds using the paper towel method-with success still. They came to be....

    The three stooges

    Flamingo for safety bumper-:)

    I made a final transplant with my giraffes and buried their neck a little to compensate the height.

    ..looks like we're in the clear fam, smooth sailin

    Or so I thought...All three showed signs of yellowing/wilting/stunted growth/crispy bleached tips...

    This was my best looking one-

    I attempted flushing to reset what I could, going from too many nuts in soil to-no nuts in the coco and transplant shock..

    The PH going in with the the added cal/mg mix was solid.

    They all were good enough on PH coming out so it became a waiting game.

    ..after the quick decline and nothing helping I'm pretty certain I corded its roots when transplanting.


    The other two held out with me adding the cal/mg mix and hence became known as..

    SideShow bob/ it was the right angle one day

    And R2/cuz it's pot

    ....happy trails again.

    Alright so back with the stooges..

    you may have noticed I didn't go with solo cups. I'm big on recycling so here we go green team-reduce reuse recycle, I used some bottles from out recent camping trip.

    I went with them for a few reasons,

    -I've red multiple germination tips that indicate drainage control; the bottles are long enough to encourage root depth but not too wide too cause water issues

    -nearly all transplant suggestions focus on roots as when to upsize; you can see the roots and can transplant at healthy stage

    -transplant shock is easy to do sometimes; being a thin, clear, cylinder the plastic is easy to cut while avoiding the roots and slips straight out/up

    I cut a slit up the side, and while pinching it gently then cut the bottom out (the bottom fell off trying to take a pic..).

    I had to wait until I had time to swap them, so they were longer than I wanted but all three transplanted perfectly with no issues.

    ...the size of the stooges compared to my remaining two OG's is revealing to what being a little prepared can offer

    biggest finding for me so far...


    Alright I'm done, pretty much caught up now. Pics to come on my failing FIM....this mythical being never said so much.


    -thanks google for any images I used (;
  5. Shortly after getting all the plants healthy and on track,

    I decided I wanted a separate veg and flower room. And I ended up going budget blurple.

    Plants responded well when I transferred them up, and now it's just your average closet grow..plant pics are from my shower room still

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  6. All these people I have heard talk bad about miracle grow and I'm using right now and have always had nothing but great results over years outdoors but it's working just as well indoors for me now. The only reason I want fox farm is pH balance already most part but if I find out MG is balanced I'll never use fox farm and it hasn't ever thought about burning my autos either

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  7. I hear ya, whatever gets the job done.
    I see how it could work, but I also see why people hate on it. Always two sides of the coin

    I may be trying some autos next if I can make a good harvest out of these
  8. Lots of pictures to try and get caught up...

    I tried to get some of my skinny plants to bush out and try to get more involved with my plants,
    this is my FIM job.

    Can anyone guess which ones did what? Any thoughts? Too low too high?

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  9. Hey, did my first grow in a shower also. 20190329_111545.jpg 20190513_180805.jpg 20190406_122709.jpg 20190603_032711.jpg 20190320_014504.jpg 20190421_173226.jpg 20190529_102950.jpg 20190529_102955.jpg
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  10. After some growth on the others, I decided to fim the last stooge-LARRY?!?

    Any guesses on success of the cuts?

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  11. Random side by side, sprouted a seed in the shower/Left and one under the blurple/Right.

    There is some white spectrum(veg switch only) it looks like, not a great pic just random.haha

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  12. Haha That's a great grow for me to be hopeful towards.

    I've been experimenting too much for my plants I think, side colas aren't stretching up/around like yours, does that happen naturally? ..after a month of veg I'm still looking at a small but thick Christmas tree type shape...
  13. One of those was topped and trained, the other left to just grow, learning how much stress I could give this strain. It is a new hybrid of NL#5 and Cannatonic. It's a hell of a strong plant, surviving all I put it through.
  14. Right on haha it definitely seems to be a learning curve with each strain from what I'm reading
  15. If you're reading along, nothing came of the i think I FingM the objective on all of them and just stunted them for a bit. None of them broke dominance to the main stem.

    I will say that two of the stooges got real thick as a result.

    First pic is Moe/topRight, R2/Topleft- I tried spreading the fan leaves and bending to get light on the stem
    2ndP is Curly- she's growing healthy straight leaves, but are angled down rather than up?
    3rd is LARRY?!?- arguably the only one that had the desired effect from the fim job.

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    So, after a few days of growth I decided to transplant...I'm thinking I should've done it closer to a watering day cuz the coco was impossible for me to keep together. I don't know how it's gonna work with perlite......

    I pretty much dropped Curly into her new smart pot,

    I DID drop Moe into her new 3 gallon that's why she'spretty much laying on the rim,

    And LARRY?!?, actually LARRY?!? went a little smoother

    And as for my other little seedlings, only one came to be worth it at this point for me
    -the other didn't grow at all within a week so he was voted to leave the island.

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  17. ..maybe I didn't miss as bad as I thought with my cuts..hmm
  18. Jury's still out on the FIM job.

    Ladies are looking good, I've trimmed a few fan leaves until I realized this was just slowing them down, I started just moving leaves out of the way with the bending I've been doing.

    Temps are also HIGH in my tent..I'm trying to figure out how to manage this on a budget. So far so good and no major responses from the plants.

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  19. Air circulation is the best way to keep temps controlled.
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