First Grow, I Have No Clue What Im Doing.

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    I honestly didn't think I'd get this far, but anyway what happens to the round leaves that first come out? because mine got all yellow and this one specifically is starting to brown. I was told it was supposed to do that and eventually die and fall off but like I said I have no clue what I'm doing so I don't underestimate that this is the consequence of me not doing something right. anywho here's a picture let me know whats up.
    my bad the picture didn't show up at first. 
    but my question was already answered so there's point.


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  2. Who ever told you that is right. Now, you could start feeding with a 25% solution.
  3. damn a shell leaf turning brown? Your plant is pretty much fucked i'd say.
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    His point, do some research. Read my prior post. Ur fine.
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    No Clue ...? Then get a book, it will be worth it! Don't feed your plant for the first 2 weeks as they have enough food on board to grow the first 6 inches or so, eventually the cotyledons will fade and drop off, by then the larger proper grass leaves would have developed 

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