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  1. I am going to be doing my first grow here in the next month or so, and I was thinking of doing hydroponic, on some Big Bud x White Widow.
    My main concern is ruining it, killing it, and failing.
    Is it something I can get a large yield from, even on my first grow ever? I am wanting to yield faster, for sure, but I don't want to do all the work, for 2 ounces.

  2. I've never grown due to being unable to have a safe spot for the plants but have been doing A LOT of research for a couple of years so that I am ready when able, but from what I have came up with you should not expect a large yield on your first grow. Plus there are way too many factors to determine if 2 oz is even feasible for you...
    What space will be available to grow with?
    How many plants?
    What kind of lights?
    There's too much info you've left out for anyone to even help you out with an answer. Hydroponics is not that hard of a concept, but if you haven't done research into what nutes to use (let alone how to create an effective solution), how to maintain pH, what PPM your water should be, what kind of setup, etc. then it sounds like it is not going to be worth your while.. especially since you said you don't want to do all the work
    My advice is to poke around the forums some more, as well as some others and read up some more and actually get a better idea of what it is you want to do. Plus, the more you know the easier it will be to set up and avoid problems, as well as being able to find solutions to the problems that you will run into
  3. Hydro is finicky and when it goes wrong it goes wrong way faster than soil. That and using lots of water, and spilling, and leaks, it seems like more work than soil. But then with soil there is the mess, and you can get just as detailed with cooking your own soil as any crazy hydro grow.
    They say go soil first because it's easier and way cheaper for a first timer. With good soil the grow size is comparable but not as fast, and the organic people say it tastes better too.
    My first is hydro, not even done yet and I'm having problems, If I don't kill them I look to harvest about .25 - .5 gram per watt. I'll be pretty disappointed but not surprised at .25 gpw. It just seems more unstable and changes pretty fast from good to bad. Mostly my own fault though from inexperience.
  4. hydroponics isnt rocket surgery you  can do it m8 . Have you bought anything to start with ? hydro stuff can be expensive ph/pen.  £80 ppm/ec pen £85 etc/etc .may i suggest reading the grow dairys for both hydro/organiics . I advise you to look for a water only soil mix nd pop into the organics lounge. with hydro its all about knowing your plants needs and meeting those needs with soil you dont have to worry as much just add water nd grow.  yield dont matter that much 1st run its just about keeping it alive nd learning  If you go hydro pm me nd i will help if i can nd point ya in the right direction if i cant. organics aint my game (yet) but the lounge is full ov helpfull nice folk who will take the time to help ya .. best of luck ..... K P :bongin: :bongin: :bongin:
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    I am looking at doing 1-2 plants, all CFL, in a space, of prob 3'x2'x4', max. I am also looking at trying to spend less money on it. I have ZERO problem with busting my ass, but I want more of a yield, since both my gf and I are more of casual smokers, instead of masters. We just want to relax, and cure our insomnia. 
    I am wanting to do something like Big Bud or Big Bud x White Widow, and such... But I don't want to do it all, and have the plants die in 3 seconds, if you know what I'm saying.
    So should I go hydro as my first one, or soil, just to be safe?
  6. IMO Hydro and cheap don't really go together, maybe I'm wrong but it definitely costs more to start up and maintain than soil.
  7. If the turn around for me, will be quicker, I would be okay with that. Also, I would like to be able to utilize the space for the amount of time that I have. I've been researching DWC, Soil, and Ebb&Flow, and my main concern is the price point.
    So, soil is the best choice then?
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    Soil is cheapest and easiest, it's great for a beginner. I made the mistake doing hydro first time without getting it dialed in. If I spent a few hundred more I probably could have kicked its ass! Right now I'm dealing with nute imbalances with cheap nutes and I strayed from my original plan to make due with what I had around and it's annoying.
  9. I will definitively go soil first then. As I said before, I'm going to go with BB or BBxWW, so I hope to get a decent yield even if I suck it up. XD
  10. Hi m8 . I would advise you to pop over to the organics nd have a look at water only soil mixes hydro is somewhat unforgiving and can be a money pit . your gonna need nutes meters pumps etc etc if you go soil you can have the plants needs met as you plant it nd will have a higher chance ov getting your goal. Im not trying to turn you away from hydro its all i done for years nd im only just getting into soil myself i just think its ya best bet to start with higher chance ov the sticky ickky ya dreaming of .. hth. kp
  11. I was also looking at doing a Sea of Green for Royal Queen Seeds Special Kush #1, or should I just go with 1-2 plants? I'm going to do soil, but I am only using 6-10 CFLs, and such. 3'x2'x5' for me, and I want to get the most, so SOG or normal?

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