First Grow, Hows it look?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by floyd420, May 5, 2006.

  1. im new to all this and just wanted some input from more experienced growers. like i said this is my frist grow and its just some bagseed that i planted for practice. he/she's about 10 days old. tell me how it looks.
  2. haha aww so little and skinny and helpless:D
    but just watch it to turn out to be a monster with buds the size of a do the math motherfucker
    ahhhh so high just like the song im listenign to so high - kottonmouth kings
  3. your plant is extremly elongated,,, get that light closer,,,,, id start 3 more plants,,, growing just 1 will be depressing if its a male,,,and youll have focused all that love and devotion for nothing,,, if you have cfl,s put the light 3-4 inches above the plant.....good luck
  4. the light is actually alot closer, i only took it out for pictures. but its about 2 inches off the plant.
  5. Looking good, floyd420. Just get that light directly over the canopy and you'll be on your way to some bomb homegrown bud.

    Welcome to GC, btw.
  6. looking good mate look forwaRD to seing how it grows up into a nice busy lady kep up the good work mate

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