First Grow- how is she doing?

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  1. *posted in absolute beginners as well-not sure where the proper place to post is, sorry for redundancy*

    Hey there!
    A little about me:
    Veteran smoker but when it comes to cultivation I am a total newb. I came into a clone and have been scrambling for information and resources ever since. I can get a little overwhelmed with depression and anxiety so having something to take care of is really helping bring focus to my days (I was laid off in April and idle hands are not good for me). Due to the sheer volume of information out there I figured it might help to rope some folks in to take a look at my girl and tell me what they think or give some friendly advice to a gal [​IMG]

    A little about my plant/set up:
    Strain: White Widow
    Tent: 32x32x63
    Lights: CFL's (I know, I know)


    5/18- clone was gifted to me out of nowhere- got a bunch of houselights together and left it under those 24hrs/day for 2 days while I gathered some info.

    5/20- Gutted an old steamer trunk I found and turned it into a grow box, lined with foil, cut out an exhaust hole for small fan, threw up 4-100w output 6500k lights and another small fan

    5/21- really didn't like the soil quality or size pot, so I mixed up my own soil with some pebbles, organic potting mix, worm castings from my worm farm, and some sand. tested PH was 6 so I left it. topped the little girl a bit (just from my previous houseplant experience- at this point I didn't know anything about hst,lst or scrogging)

    6/7 - transplanted again, into a 5gal fabric growbag. tied large stems and pinned down near sides of bag to get max light penetration

    6/13- Grow tent came in (32x32x63) set up, threw plant in there with my lights and fans

    *watered when it was needed with diluted Neptune's Harvest I had lying around. Ordered some FoxFarm GrowBig and Big Bloom but my feeding schedule is obviously out of whack at this point. When GB and BB
    came in mixed per directions and fed every other watering. Got some PH up and Down and tested nutes in distilled water and adjusted PH.

    6/18 Made a ridiculously amateur light fixture to add more light. My girl is bushy af but I know I made some big mistakes along the way. Ordered humidity/thermostat should be here in a few days- overall good air circulation and humidity doesnt feel high.

    current lights in tent:
    Eight 100w equiv 6500k 1600 lumen CFLs
    Six 60w equiv 2700k 900 lumen CFLs

    So, like I said, I came into this clone with absolutely no knowledge or equipment and have just been fumbling my way through it. buying things as I can and hoping for the best while I try to learn as much as I can both about cultivation supplies as well as growth patterns of the plant. I understand that CFL's are not ideal but I am looking to grow for myself and I simply can't afford the hid lighting and all of the extra components necessary to run those lights right now- I need to make a fully informed decision regarding hid vs led etc- so for now at least for this grow and probably the next one- CFL will be all I can work with but I am totally open to NAY and ALL information you guys have to give.

    I think my main questions are:

    What do you think of the look of the plant in terms of size, color, overall health?

    Should I take a bunch of clones and throw this baby in the trunk to keep as a mother?

    What do you think I can expect in terms of harvest?

    Should I leave the lights/ add more/ take some out?

    When do I know that it's time to flower?

    TLDR: got a clone- fumbled my way through the first month, what do you think about the look of the plant and do you have any suggestions?

    Hey thanks for making it through this post! Any information or guidance would be really appreciated! <3

    5-18 clone.jpg 5-20 inside trunk.jpg 5-20 outside trunk.jpg 5-23 after top.jpg 5-31.jpg 6-7.jpg 6-15.jpg 6-17 stalk.jpg 6-17.jpg 6-19 new lights 2.jpg 6-19 new lights.jpg 6-19.jpg 6-20.jpg
  2. You already have a thread in the beginners section with the same information and the same pics. Just because you don't get an immediate response on one thread doesn't mean having two will be any better - just be patient.
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  3. Yea sorry about that, as I said in a caveat on top it wasn't so much to do with being impatient, more like I just never know where I should be posting. Thank you!
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